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All the Single Babies

Well, I’m sure pedophiles everywhere are rejoycing.  I mean, for those “interested” in little girls bein’ all sexified, it can’t get much better than this, especially when this shit is legal: (You really have to watch this– especially around the … Continue reading

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Comix! (Lemme go crazy crazy on you edition)

Damn, what a bonkers week for me! Sheer madness! But have no fear, the comix are here. And please. Everyone think of a good snarky, bastardy caption for the last one, ok?

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Twin Bastards but from Different Muthers

Hey y’all. Sorry I forgot to post last week’s caption winner– I totally spaced it off! So this week is a two-fer. First, the winner from the Ziggy contest was… Electronic Replicant!  Mainly because we’ve ALL been there.  Congrats! For … Continue reading

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Whyku Wednesday– Pregnancy, WTF?!?

This is NOT sexy! She’s a German pinata. *whack* Nazi’s spill out. ***** Rant On ***** Attention Vogue, and all you other “womyn’s magazines”.  STOP putting distended-stomach, pendulous breast preggos on your covers.  It’s GROSS!  Nobody wants to see some chick ripe … Continue reading

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The Joy of Facebook

As most of you know, I loathe Facebook. Honestly, I was sort of “tricked” into joining and have been somewhat resentful ever since.  This resentment tends to manifest in my snarky comments and unwillingness to “friend” people. However, I have occasionally … Continue reading

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For Light Days AND Heavy Flows…

As many of you probably read on my facebook, I broke down this weekend and adopted an iPad. Yes, I’m now one of *those* people. Here “Mr. Bachelor Pad” is at rest on his new home.  I thought the Eileen Grey side … Continue reading

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A Day Off…

MAN have I been looking forward to this! I slept in until 8:00 am.  Which really isn’t that much sleeping “in”, but it’s 1.5 hours more than I normally get.  And I woke up sans alarm, which is a plus. … Continue reading

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Comix! (OMG LBC whats the BFD edition)

Hey there kiddies! Time for comix! Have fun bastardizing the last one, I think it will “open up” some good caption ideas!

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“I feel… thin.”

“Sort of stretched, like… Butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday.” — Bilbo Baggins Well, Bilbo, I feel sort of the same way. And I’m not even carrying a ring of power. Not even a cockring. *Macauley … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday– Glee.

***** Rant On ***** Hey Glee, what the FUCK is going on with you, huh?  To describe this season as “uneven” would be generous!  You are vascillating from mediocre to schlock to brilliance and back to schlock again. Get your shit together … Continue reading

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