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Bastardo de Mexico

Great captions again, y’all!! Gavin, you very nearly won with your clever Grease reference. But this week I went with a newbie with a good Kelis reference. Congrats to– Princessa!!

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“I’ll Kick a Puppy and Punch a Kitten”

Ohmigod! Anyone who knows me even just the teensiest bit will know that shit like this tickles the hell out of me.  I’m still giggling! The only thing that would make this better is if this is an honest to … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (For Haiti)

You’re NOT the world. You Are shameless self-promoters Who destroyed that song. P.S. In case you haven’t heard, the new rendition of “We Are The World” is an absolutely fetid, pus-filled, scabby, horrid, rancid, revolting, maggot-infested, shit-filled diaper covered in … Continue reading

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Percy Jackson And The Lightning Queef

I saw the movie “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: the Lightning Thief” this past weekend. It was not a completely unfortunate movie… … But it could have been better. Conceptually the story is sound– and intriguing. I live Greek mythology … Continue reading

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Go Swarm!! Bzzzzzzzzzzz!

On Saturday I was part of the “pep band” that played for the Minnesota Swarm professional indoor lacrosse team. The band is made up of members of the Minnesota Brass, and since they were going to be short a few … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Xomix Friday

The Bastard is back! Hope you all enjoy this week’s installment. And remember to caption the last one. What could Dolly possibly be yelling at Jeffy about???

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Great captions again on the awful portraiture, folks! This week, though, keeping it clean and pop culturally relevant makes the pants down winner: Erik Rubright!  Congrats man.  The caption totally made me LOL.  For realz! WE CAN HAZ DEATH NOW?

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Why-ku Wednesday (Part 2)

I just luvs birfdays… And makin’ repressed mem’ries Fer mah little gurl. (P.S. Feel free to add your own Why-ku for this one. It’s really too good to pass up!)

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Why-ku Wednesday (Part 1)

Apple Bottom jeans? So screamed the dazzled pockets. Shoulda said “bushel”.

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A Tale That’s Too Shitty

Having recently finished a book (“Evil Genius”- which I quite enjoyed), I found myself casting about for a new book to start.  I simply MUST have something to read each night to help me drift off to sleep. To help fill my … Continue reading

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