Pride Concert — achieved


This past Friday and Saturday evenings were the final choral concerts of the season for the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. And the concerts went very well.  No fuck-ups and many, many wonderful moments. 

Not that my dad and his girlfriend seemed to notice. 

As luck would have it, our concerts coincided with Father’s Day Weekend. And he kept asking to see another concert, so I got tickets for both he and his new girlfriend. 

They also stayed at my place, which necessitated a lot of cleaning. 

So dad and the GF came up on Saturday and I took them to a late lunch. And then I drove them to the concert (early, as I had to be there for warmup).

The concert had group numbers, solo acts, a female lounge singer Emcee, dancing, drag, and fun!



And while dad and the GF said they enjoyed the show and thanked me for the tickets, they didn’t go much beyond that. Which makes me think that they didn’t really enjoy it that much.

I tried to draw them out a bit with “Did you especially like any number?” And “Did you enjoy the arrangement of Summertime?” (My dad’s favorite song). “We have some good soloists, don’t we?”  But I didn’t get much of a response so I just dropped it. 

Maybe they were tired— it was a lot of music, what with the pre-show cabaret acts and everything. Maybe it was too gay, what with the drag and big heels and all. Or maybe they genuinely didn’t like the show. But still I thought there would be some polite fake interest shown at the very least. 

Alas, no. 

And there you have it, folks. Yet another example of the “seeking approval” thing that seems to be a running theme throughout our gay lives.

When really the only approval I should be seeking is my own. 

And they were darn good shows. 

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