Movie Review: Spy

One sentence review?  It’s definitely a fun movie, and much more James Bond than Get Smart.


Given the trailers and Melissa McCarthey, I was expecting “Tammy the Spy”.  You know, bumbling yet humorous in an insipid sort of way. I was also expecting arch villains and suave male spies. 

And mostly I was correct. Only Melissa’s character isn’t bumbling at all. She’s smart and has skills– she just starts off mousey and lacking confidence. Then naturally (thanks Hollywood) comes out of her shell to become a brilliant, yet non-traditional Bond type agent. 

Jason Statham is comical as the (anti-Statham casting) bumbling one. He is cocky yet irretrievably stupid. And a pathological liar.  And his rants and interaction with Melissa are hilarious. 

Jude is the suave one and he is very good at it. 

And the rest of the supporting characters are all very good (especially Rose Byrne).  Rose is every foreign Bond villainess, cold and damaged by daddy issues– yet mixed with a touch of ineptitude.  

The movie really IS an homage to Bond films, only with a heavy, mom-type as the protagonist. Which oddly works. 

While the movie starts with action and a decent Bond-plot (nuke device for sale), it is only after Melissa’s character adopts a crass, field operative persona that the movie really takes off.  I mean, who doesn’t love it when Ms McCarthey gets all potty mouthed and tough (like in that Heat movie).

I’m gonna have to watch it again to pick up on a lot of the lines I missed because I was laughing. 

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3 Responses to Movie Review: Spy

  1. Mandy says:

    I saw this movie today as well. I loved it. Melissa is a hoot!

  2. Kenny says:

    LURVED it! One of my favorite lines was when she was talking about what her porn or spy name would be…wasn’t it something like Meatball Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard??

  3. Dave2 says:

    It’s like you went into the future and copied my review of the movie!

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