A final word…

Well, looks like I ruffled a few feathers yesterday.  Which was to be expected because it was a political post.

True to form, some people got my argument that Mark Buse is a gay man who’s free to cast his lot with the Republicans, even though the idea is anathema to the rest of us.

And some (the more activist minded individuals) did not.

I especially liked this comment:

“To each his own, but don’t expect alot of love in return when they take you away to your concentration camp.”

Nice, huh?  Tolerant too.  Oh, and ‘a lot’ is still two words.

This one was also good:

“You also should remember that there is no possible way to work for a vicious homophobe like McCain without promoting discrimination and violence against lgbt people.”

Discrimination AND violence?  Yeah, I forgot that McCain is not only proposing no tax increases and a strong military presence in Iraq, he’s also been proposing for all God fearin’ Americans to go beat up gay people.

So, here’s where I pull up my soapbox and tell you the last four things I have to say about this topic:

FIRST:  The whole point of my post yesterday was NOT about defending Mark Buse’s positions and his work for the Republican party.  I just said I support his right to be a Republican (as unfathomable as I think that is).  The point of my post was that I was tired of being SHIT on by righteous fags for not picking up the mantle and bashing Mark because “I’m supposed to.” 

You want to bash him and take him to task for being gay AND working for McCain (who has come out as being fairly anti-gay rights) then have at it.  Get him on record.  Interview him mercilessly.  Make him try to justify the hypocracy.

Just stop shitting on me because I’m not busy choosing my stone.

SECOND: I stated very early in my post that I completely support activists and applaud their activities.  More power to them!  I fully realize that without them, my life would be worse and I thank them for that.  I truly do.

But I’m not a gay-rights activist, so please don’t shit on me for that either.

I vote.  I support candidates and judges that support a more democratic (and pro gay) agenda.  This is how I make my voice heard.  And that’s enough for me. 

THIRD:  Just like homosexual behavior is a spectrum, homosexual political and social beliefs are a spectrum.  I hate to break it to you all, but not every gay person champions gay rights above everything else.  Some gay people may champion public education.  Some may champion tax relief.  There is a whole myriad of issues facing the country, and gay rights are just a small portion.

As for me personally?  I don’t really care about gay marriage.  Would I vote against it?  Fuck no.  I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.  But since I don’t plan on ever getting married, gay marriage rights don’t impact me very much as an individual, so it’s not at the forefront of my concern.

Same goes for DADT.  Do I think it’s a failed policy?  Yes.  Do I think it should go?  Sure.  But do I think that there are lots of homophobes in the military who have a problem with gay people serving?  Yeah.  I don’t have a good solution here– but once again, not a huge hot button topic for me.

Now, as for equal employment protection under the law and hate crime legislation?  Those hit closer to home for me.

I know that the very political gays absolutely cannot understand my positions, which is when the fundamentalist “absolute” arguments kick in.  And I’m shit on and told to enjoy the concentration camps.

FOURTH:  This is an election year.  John McCain says he’s against gay marriage at the state level and expanding hate crime legislation and whatever else he’s against in order to get VOTES.  Yeah, he’s pandering to the uber Christian Right who hate homosexuality almost as much as they hate the devil.  But what he says in the campaign and what REALLY gets pushed through are two completely separate things.

Hell, Obama has ALSO proven to be a “traitor” to the gay cause by saying he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman only.  Of COURSE he said it!  He’s attempting to court concervative voters and gay voters at the same time!

Gay rights are the new abortion.  It’s a wedge issue designed to polarize and activate voters.

You think they REALLY want to overturn Roe vs Wade?  Hell no.  It works so well as a motivator the way it is.  The democrats get to use it by saying “Look!  the Republicans want to take away your reproductive rights!  We need to vote them out of office!”  And the Republicans use it by saying, “Look!  They want to keep baby killing legal!  We need to vote in Republicans so that we can get rid of those activist judges!”

So while McCain may have a lot of blustery talk that is anti-gay rights, save your “I told you so’s” for when President McCain vetoes congressional measures to ensure gay adoptive rights or protection under EEOC.


And lastly, please don’t comment on this post.  I think I’m done with all this.

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5 Responses to A final word…

  1. Tex... says:

    Um…Fuck You alot!

    (Did I get that right?)

    Paid up on your LCR dues?

    Should we save you a bunk when Prez Palin hauls us all of to the gay ghetto?

    Yeah…I’m done. I thought you had a brain.

    But I’ve been wrong before….alot!

  2. Tex... says:

    And I’m done with this too…Cio traitor!

  3. Eric says:

    Wow, the vitriol you’ve suffered. I hope you see this: I agree with you. I’ve long waited in silence; waiting perhaps but I’ve always been a staunch supporter of local issues concerning gay rights (and vote accordingly). Bravo to you! I share a soapbox along side you (and look fierce doing so, damnit!). Don’t let any of this dissuade you from continuing your terrific blog. You’ll hurt my blood-pump if you do so.

  4. Tex... says:

    Cio House Nigger!


  5. chuck says:

    “because i’m not choosing my stone”.

    best. line. ever.

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