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I don’t know much…

… but I know I love yoooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooou. I’m in total lust with Pete Kuzak. When people ask me what “my type” is, this is pretty much the image that forms in my head.  Notice I didn’t say “the type that … Continue reading

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Sox Hunk Haiku #7

Savior of the Sox Grand Slam homer in Game Six I kneel before you! I’m glad that the Sox won (Cleveland was feeling too “entitled” and got all trash-talky).  But Jim is from Denver and his friends and family are “Rockies” … Continue reading

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Double spHunk Haiku #88

Jouez-vous Rugby?? Mon Dieu!  Vous etes oh-so-hot! Pain au “sex-o-lat”

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Hot Hunk Haiku # 556

Jayne in Firefly Great at handling weapons Shoot me spunk bullets

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