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You Want to See “Wanted”

Kyle picked up two free passes to see an advanced screening of the movie “Wanted” last night, so we went. In short:  two guns way up! Film synopsis (for those who may not have seen a trailer yet):  Group of superassassins called … Continue reading

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Fun with Cell Phone Etiquette

Over at By the Bayou the other day, I read a post where the author was peeing at a urinal when he heard a loud conversation down the way. Another guy had his blackberry out (in this case not a … Continue reading

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“Two trains leave the same station 20 minutes apart travelling in opposite directions. Train A…

I have to ask– What the fuck is the deal with “Sudoku”? This shit is EVERYWHERE.  Newspapers.  Books.  Online.  I even think they make a Nintendo Gameboy version. WHY?????  Wake up, people!  It’s math for crying out loud!  Stupid, frustrating, … Continue reading

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Will someone hit the “reset” button?

I want a “do over”. No.  Scratch that.  I want to completely erase this Monday and skip right on to Tuesday, please. I missed my band concert tonight, which was just the cherry on the sundae.  But I’m getting ahead … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is…

Honourable mention to Gavin for his entry “…and please let my fleshlight come in the mail tomorrow.”  Dennis and a fleshlight… ha! But the winner for me this week was Howard, with this one: I have to give props to … Continue reading

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Have You Ever…

Here’s a fun game I like to call “Have You Ever…”.  Play it at your next social gathering or when you’re feeling bored or blue.  It’s aces.  Have you ever felt achingly alone while surrounded by people at a party? Have … Continue reading

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Sunday pictures

Just a few iPhone pics I have snapped in the past few days.  I got nothing else to share… its one of those Sundays. This is the entrance to the Stonearch Bridge.  This pedestrian/bike bridge is all of two blocks … Continue reading

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Senior Portraits

Well, we’ve come to that time of year again.  The time when unfortunate portraits reign supreme.  It’s a right of passage all teens must go through. And then I get to use said portraits to get my cruelness on! So, … Continue reading

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Eight is Enough…

Here are eight reasons to like European football (soccer) and to watch EURO 2008: Adrian Mutu.  For the smile alone. Artur Boruc.  Because he’s a goalie and I wanna piece of that Polish sausage! Cristiano Ronaldo.  Mmm-nom-nom! Ibrahim Afellay.  He’s … Continue reading

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Surprise Bike Race

As I approached my apartment building in downtown Saint Paul yesterday, I noticed that traffic was a bit… off. “Crazy” would also describe it. When I got within 4 blocks of my parking garage, there were buses and trailers and … Continue reading

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