It was a full week

First week on the new job: complete. It’s proving to be a steep learning curve, because not only do I have to learn all the company systems (documentation, control, storage, change, auditing, management, etc) but I am also learning an entirely new manufacturing industry.

It’s a lot.

But I survived and I think I have a decent handle on how to direct my training and what I need to pull together for information (how tos, where tos, etc). I’m kind of waiting to see how this week goes, as things should calm down a bit and I’ll get a better sense of the company.

This past week I also went to a great bar/restaurant called “Parlour”. Simple menu but phenomenal burgers. Cheese plate was delish. And craft cocktails? *chef’s kiss* my friend Hank took me out to celebrate the new job.

Me and Hank

Saturday was Hank’s birthday BBQ too, which was an outdoor, backyard affair. Too much food, but fun.

I also did a lot of biking this past weekend. Took the Nago out on Saturday for 34 miles. Then did 28 on the Bianchi Sunday. Hopefully this will help burn some excess calories from the bbq and Parlour. the Sunday ride I managed to churn out an average of 17.8 mph, so that left me feeling rather chuffed. I guess I can bike a bit faster without the extra 32 lbs…

Minnehaha with the Nago

I also went to the Farmers Market and planted my balcony more. It’s looking decent— one of my plants thst id managed to save most of the winter didn’t make it, so it was replaced.

I’ve added a little bit more to the balcony since these photos. The herbs are already off to a flying start. I’m hoping my little lime tree survives.

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1 Response to It was a full week

  1. jjensen3367 says:

    Glad your week was successful and that you were able to unwind over the weekend. Hank is hot, btw.

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