Back in the hospital

Well- mom is back in the hospital. It isn’t serious, but it’s still a setback. She’s despondent and I’m stressed because I can’t really help.

She was released from skilled care last Tuesday. She was in her home in her own for a few days but overstrained her surgery leg. At one point she couldn’t stand up and put weight on it- so she had to call an ambulance. Hence back at the hospital.

She’s doing ok here— walking to the bathroom. But… it’s a weekend here. Which means short on staff and no social care people here. So nobody is here to line up getting her back into skilled care. That can’t happen until Tuesday (after holiday).

Naturally I have to leave Monday (new job, no time off) so I’ll have to trust that mom, the hospital, and her friends can work out the logistics of everything.

Leaving it to others stresses me out. But I kind of have no choice. I have to get back for my new job, so I need to let go and let others help here.

I just want to get her back in her home for a bit longer before we have to explore moving her into some kind of community.

Now is the time when I really wish I had my own support network— a partner or siblings— to help with all this. The stress and worry just eat me up.

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