Adulting the shit out of it

This past week was a big “adulting” week for me. Lots of shit accomplished. Much yes. Very more.

Here’s a list of all the crap I did that made me feel accomplished. Much of which was wedged into this past weekend:

  • Successfully presented to the board of directors (Monday)
  • Got booster vax
  • Attended Three music rehearsals
  • Completed Truck service/oil change
  • Scheduled additional Truck maintenance for Tuesday
  • Purchased New concert blacks w/tailoring
  • Practiced euphonium. Twice!
  • Practiced choral music several times for memorization
  • Made two choral practice recordings
  • Cleaned the condo
  • Hosted chamber rehearsal
  • Paid my second half property taxes
  • Paid truck registration fee
  • Purchased a new bike frame for winter project
  • Brought plants inside and pruned them
  • Made chili
  • Did some Xmas shopping
  • Finished Ted Lasso
  • Started Squid game
  • Read most of my book for book club

Yeah. It was a busy week- and weekend! But as holiday season approaches, my calendar starts to get really full. Extra rehearsals. Performances. Recording sessions. Visits to mom. T-Giving and Xmas. Dinner parties. Impending shitty weather. So I felt I needed to make hay while the sun was shining. And this was kinda the best week for it.

I don’t like to make a big fuss over the booster vax. Mostly because I feel a tad guilty getting shot number 3 when a lot of the world can’t even get vaccines. But with me working around many unvaccinated people in the office (and because of my mom’s health issues) it just made sense to protect myself as much as possible.

As for the truck (aka FJ Cruiser) there were some maintenance items I put off after the last visit. I need new front shocks and new tires. But I also don’t need the FJ to have a 3” lift (or 6 or however much it’s lifted). Sure it looks tough as hell, but it’s impractical. I don’t need off-road tires and I would prefer the center of gravity to be lower. To this end, the FJ goes back in on Tuesday for these fix ups/changes. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Lots of music things going on right now. I have a concert this coming Saturday (concert band concert). The first one in a year and a half or so. Hence the additional practicing.

I’ll update on the bike frame once I get it in my possession. But I’m already making plans for it.

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