Business Rant

Ok, so I’ve let it be known that I have not been happy in my new job. A lot of skeletons were unearthed after I started and I feel like I was a bit misled. But a few weeks back I sort of made the decision to gut it out for awhile longer.

And then today happens.

To set the stage: my internal auditing of the company’s processes discovered that the “key business processes” had been defined in four separate documents. Ans none of them lined up. Now, understand that this is the first requirement is ISO. Your too management has to define your processes, how you’re going to measure and manage them, who owns them, and how you improve things. It’s also the backbone of your business and gives auditors a way to see if you’re doing what you say you’re doing, etc.

Anyway. Right now we have 4 different lists of processes. Several of them are not defined or measured or have any structure. And none of the lists match prior audit plans, etc.

Basically it’s a goatfuck.

I identified this as an audit finding in desperate need of corrective action. To that end, I asked the president of company if we could have upper management revisit out key processes in a simple brainstorming session so I can get a feel for what everyone thinks our key processes really are. I just wanted 30 minutes max. And that was slated for today.

I led the brainstorming. And the president of the company sat in his computer, never looked up, and never participated. Not once. Not one suggestion of a key process for the business.

After 20 minutes the session had pestered out so I thanked everyone and told them what the next steps would be and that we would reconvene to pair down and consolidate the list. At this point the president finally speaks:

“If I can advocate for one change, I’d like to remove ‘strategic planning’ from the list of processes.”

The president of the company. Wanted to remove planning. As something important that should be defined. I was frankly gobsmacked.

So I asked for some clarification as to why strategic business planning should not be a process.

He launched into a rant about how we can’t plan because we have to be nimble and react to continually changing business climate and if we plan it’s a waste of time because the plans change anyway and if we commit to this then it’ll be audited and our board of directors will expect a 5 year plan when we need to be focused on making product and not wasting time planning.

So I tried to be polite and said, “I understand your reservations, but let me put on my auditor hat for a moment. I come in and ask you to show me the process for how [our company] sets profitability and production goals, capital expenditures, and engineering projects visions for the coming year, and your answer to me is “oh, we don’t plan. We just make and sell stuff.”

Needless to say the meeting quickly devolved from there.

And the entire time he’s arguing with me I’m thinking “during my interview here I specifically said that my reason for leaving my last job was a lack of upper management support, and you promised me support here”.

The only bright spot was that one of the department managers came to my office immediately afterward and apologized to me and said, “That had to be frustrating as hell.”

Understatement of the month.

This behavior by our president, coupled with some shitty, behind-the-back comments he made about another manager in front of the board of directors yesterday has led me to believe this guy is no bueno.

So, I may be starting up the job search yet again.

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2 Responses to Business Rant

  1. jjensen3367 says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. It can be most frustrating. I once worked for a tech firm where the CEO was, in my opinion, very sexist toward women. It was uncomfortable for the guys — never mind what the poor ladies had to do. And given that he controlled the board and most of the voting shares, things were not going to change. I have moved on and find it interesting that there is a huge group of “alumni” from the firm who are all very much still in touch. Bottom line, do what is best for YOU.

  2. wcs says:

    And that’s why they call it “work.” Ugh.

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