Luna Scare

So on Thursday evening I had a bit of a scare with my little Luna girl. She was having trouble going to the bathroom.

She is normally a very present cat– always around me or within sight lines. Well, all of a sudden I couldn’t find her. A brief search found her in her litter box– trying to go, but taking a long time.

Then it happened again. And again. And then I caught her trying to squat in her car bed. (Only a few dribbles came out).

So I start freaking.

I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night, as I was sick with worry. Luna wasn’t crying or anything, but she was a bit off. And not really peeing.

I took Friday off and paced around until my vet opened. I was lucky and got her in right away.

After examinations and symptom review, it looks like she has a UTI (or bladder inflammation). No stones, crystals, or blockages though. So we got her on antibiotic pills, and I got her a drinking fountain to encourage greater water intake.

I was still freaking out a bit on Saturday when she seemed a bit too lethargic in the morning. But I gave the antibiotics a chance and by Sunday she had her pep back.

I have also switched to all wet food for the time being, which I’m supplementing with water to up her h2o intake. I plan to do this at least until we finish the antibiotics.

This was Luna’s first trip to my vet and my first since Phoebe died. Let’s just say I’m glad they left us alone for a bit so they didn’t see me crying.

I’m just glad miss Luna is back to her cantankerous, feisty self again.

Us napping on Saturday.

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2 Responses to Luna Scare

  1. truthspew says:

    Kind of like Angie the cat – a few years ago she started having what I euphemistically call the Hershey Squirts. Turns out she developed lactose intolerance. So no more licking the milk remains from a bowl and on a little supplement to restore digestive health for a few weeks. She’s now either 14 or 15 years old.

  2. cute pix of your sweet girl. glad she is on the mend.

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