A Good Day

Yesterday was kind of a weird day, but a good day.

I woke up kind of tired (still not sleeping peacefully because I am worried about Luna) and this started my day off grumpily.

Although the weather is beautiful and my bike to work was great, my mood darkened as soon as I walked in and was met with a barrage of manufacturing quality issues. Seriously, I hadn’t even made it to my office yet when I was blitzed– I hate that.

Then, when I was finally at my desk I decided to plug in my AirPods to recharge them– only to discover that they weren’t in my backpack. And they didn’t show up on my find my phone app.

This pretty much set the tone for the morning.

But then…

I got upper management to get involved and make a decision about the quality issues. Shipping got the material out and We helped a customer get much needed material (and avoided a huge Sales issue).

The afternoon got quiet and I was able to get work done at my desk.

And since my birthday is coming up, I thought I’d see about taking Monday off. But I wanted to see how much time I had left, so I logged into our PTO tracker. Imagine my surprise when I saw I’d only used 5 days all year so far– AND that there appeared to be too much left!

Since we switched from vacation to a PTO system several years back, the whole “number of days” and accrual system had been a mess and not well communicated. Well, I had my 10th anniversary at the company last August and January marked the new vacation year.

Where I got an additional 5 PTO days added.

Which I didn’t know about.

Until 8 months into the year. 🙄

So I took next Monday AND next Friday off.

On the ride to my gym I saw my gym-crush riding a cool, all black, single gear bike and he looked over at me as he passed by on the cross street. I didn’t know he rode a bike, let alone a hipster bike! *swoon*

I got to the gym and asked the front desk people “By any chance did anyone turn in some AirPods?”

“Oh yeah! Yesterday! Let me get them for you.”

We did the “send a tone” thing and proved they were mine! Which saved me from having to buy a new set.

And then I got home and Luna had another good day and really seems herself again. She’s eating and drinking fine, using her litter, and being playful. (I think she’s been fine for several days now, but I just now worry whenever I can’t see her or when she lays down on the floor. It’s like I expect her to be rambunctious all the time.)

Yeah. All in all a good day.

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3 Responses to A Good Day

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