Say Hello to Ajax

So this past weekend I did something a bit rash and a bit stupid. And unnecessary. I traded in my car and got a different one:

Say hello to my new buddy “Ajax”.

Yes, that’s what I’ve named him. Partly as homage to the Greek prince from the Trojan war fame, but also because of the rocketship Ajax in Flash Gordon.

Once the new hood stripes are in place, it will make more sense. The stripes have a cool “trident” look, which gives it that blessed by Poseidon vibe. 

And also a cooler deco detail. 

This is in my garage. 

It was foolish- as I totally didn’t need another vehicle. I was quite happy with my MINI Countryman. But the dealership was hounding me for mine for their pre owned inventory, so I went to check out what they could do. 

My only caveats: get me into another all wheel drive MINI and keep my car payments the same.

I bent on the payment thing– but only by $10.

(It’s not orange– it’s really more red).

Ajax is a “slightly” used MINI Paceman– the coupe version of the Countryman. But it is also the John Cooper Works edition. Meaning that it had been souped up: extra horsepower, stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, different tuning, etc. 

It also has a ridiculous number of bells and whistles: adaptive xenon headlights, heated leather seats, heated mirrors, full Nav package, premium stereo, etc etc etc.  Plus they added the free maintenance for 6 years/100k miles and matching warranty. 

I definitely never thought I’d get into a Works edition MINI.  I guess I just had to wait for one to be discounted by being used (it was the regional sales manager’s car — 8k miles).

And now it’s mine.

While I don’t feel “buyer’s remorse” necessarily, I do feel a bit guilty. My other car was perfectly fine, and here I am being a wasteful consumer.

But Ajax is one helluva sexy beast, though. 

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3 Responses to Say Hello to Ajax

  1. Mark in DE says:

    That’s a hot looking car!! Glad you got “the Works”. 😉

  2. I know we fell out of contact YEARS ago, but I stumbled upon a link to your blog and, remembering you were a MINI owner at one point, found this post. I’m sure you don’t still have the Paceman (didn’t you have a yellow one with black trim at one point?), but damn, that sure is pretty. I finally got rid of Anderson a little over a year ago for a “slightly used” 2016 Countryman and love it.

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