This past weekend was chockers full of music for me. On Friday the gay men’s chorus sang at ACDA conference (American chorus directors). We weren’t the only act though– the St Thomas Boys Choir sang too. 

And Cantus.

OMG Cantus. 

Cantus is a nine member, professional male vocal ensemble that just so happens to be based in Minnesota. They are so fucking-off-the-charts good that it’s sickening. And wonderful. And amazing.

And not bad to look at, either!

Last year we performed with them at a choir showcase, and that’s where I first heard them sing Wedding Qawwali.  I honestly cried it was so good.  There are tons of YouTube videos of other performances of this song now- and I’m sure I blogged about it. 


This year they sang music from their most recent concert: The Four Loves. It was based on the Greek concept of different kinds of love: family love, brotherly love, love of god, and passionate love. Again, they were nothing short of amazing. 

And while they did reprise the Wedding Qawaali, this year they introduced me to a newly commissioned work called manifesto.

And again, I cried. 

The piece is my new everything- I simply can’t get it out of my head. It was written for Cantus just this year by composer David Lang. David, while researching the topic of love, did a google search for the following: I want to be with someone who…

He took the resulting search answers and used it as the text for the piece. It’s humorous and humbling and heart wrenching and heroic and…

Gaaaaaah!  It’s so damn good. 

I’m now on a hunt for a recording of it. Cantus promised me they are working on getting a recording, but don’t have one yet. 

Double Gaaaaaaah!


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4 Responses to Cantus

  1. my, they ARE good looking! 😉

  2. Blobby says:

    they’re like the Treblemakers of MN.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    The concept of that song sounds intriguing. I look forward to you posting a recording of it.

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