It was the big homo pride this weekend here in the MinneApple. I guess it was ok— I didn’t do much for it.

I’m not a big Pride person; I find that it’s just an overwhelming amount of concentrated gayness. Like circuit parties and gay cruises and IML.

Not that I have anything against pride or gay cruises or anything, cuz I don’t. But these big gay events work much better when you have a group of friends with whom to hang out.

Being single and by yourself at Pride isn’t so much fun.


Here’s a selfie of me by myself at the parade. Yaaaay.

I wasn’t even going to do the parade, but I went to the gym in the morning and when I came out, the conga line of homoxules was cutting off my route home. So I stood and watched.

Then I went home and napped.

Sure there were events for Pride– barbecues at peoples homes (to which I wasn’t invited), parties at the bars (don’t like to drink alone), and of course The Park (teeming with too much gay).

And I “could” have marched in the parade with the chorus. But the only thing I dislike more than watching a parade is marching in one (see all my drum corps posts about that shit).

So mostly I just hunkered down and avoided the weekend festivities.

As someone put it to me, “Pride is like prom– if you don’t go you feel like you’re gonna miss something important, but if you do go you realize there’s nothing important to miss.”

I might add to that it sucks not getting invited but going stag sucks worse.

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8 Responses to P•R•I•D•E

  1. justajeepguy says:

    Completely agree about going to pride alone – after you’re out. I once tried doing NYC on my own and it was no fun – the parade was great but never alone again. I never went to prom but have never felt I missed anything.

  2. Martin says:

    I’ve been to many GayPrides over the years but the incredible number of people starts a panic attack now. Here in Florida, Pride in the Sun is overwhelmingly HOT. It almost hit 100 degrees and well over 100,000 people! BTW, I always went to proms since I liked to dance. After the last HS reunion I realized I was the ONLY gay graduate in my class. What are the chances of that?! mwg

  3. Chip says:

    Pride month and Pride parades — meh.

  4. Dave says:

    Never been to a pride parade. It is on my bucket list, but near the bottom. I have seen clips on tv but never understood the appeal of watching people just walk down the street.

  5. Mark says:

    Pride parades may be easier to handle in people would just put their fucking clothes back on……

  6. Mark, née Fuzz says:

    This may make me a homosexual social pariah, but sometimes I get so sick of fucking rainbows I could just barf.

  7. I never went to prom and never felt like I missed anything.
    I went to the DC pride parade in 1993 in support of a friend who was marching in the PA contingent.

  8. Mark in DE says:

    How come you didn’t go with some of your buddies?

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