I know, I know– no comix. But it’s the holidays and what with shopping and travel and all, I didn’t have time.

Besides, I’m conflicted about Derrick.

Derrick, as you may recall, is my… Um… How shall I put this… Fuckbuddy. The guy who is taking a university class and smokes the occasional bowl.

Anyhoo, he came over on Thursday for a visit. Kind of a pre-Xmas “let’s fuck before we go out of town” thing.

The sex was awesome, as usual. But something else happened. Something afterward when we were lounging about…

He made me laugh.

Like laugh laugh. For real.

Nobody ever makes me laugh, I usually have to do it myself– so its kind of a big deal.

Especially coming so fresh on the heels of my visit with my emotionally unavailable neighbor (whom I profess to have feelings for).

But i don’r recall Mr. 5-ohhh-7 ever making me laugh.

Oh boy. Trouble.

Or is that “boy trouble”?

About cb

Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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8 Responses to Conflicted

  1. Chip says:

    Recently discovered your blog. Derrick might be a good kind of “trouble” to deal with…..

  2. GoosterSD says:

    Could’ve been post coital giddiness too! If you laugh without sex, then possibly.

  3. Will J says:

    Stick a fork in, you’re done.

  4. Hehehehe…..I love it. And the reason I giggle is because I’m like you….I NEVER laugh out loud. But when I do, people sort of look and stare…..they know they’ve really gotten to me. That’s why. Merry Fuckbuddy Christmas.

  5. rg says:

    Ha-ha! You’re smitten. Suffaaaaaaaaaaaah…..

  6. Jake says:

    Life is short. Why not pursue it a bit and see what happens? 🙂

    And remember what Joanne Woodward said about that hunky Paul: “Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.”

  7. Dirk says:

    What a holiday cliffhanger…

  8. Buddy Bear says:

    Gosh, what a dilemma… having to choose between two sexy guys.

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