I Guess I Shoulda Gone To Rehab…

… but I’m a stu-pid ‘ho.

Ok.  Someone seriously needs to explain to me why everyone seems so upset by the passing of a 27 year old junkie.

The woman had ONE good album with ONE phenominally catchy song on it that launched her into the stratosphere.  That’s it.  The rest of her life has basically consisted of embarassing public intoxication photos and being fucked up and forgetting her own lyrics during performances.

Oh, and dating a convict.

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille.

But then she dies and suddenly it’s all “Oh my god, we lost such a beautiful [sic], talented artist!”  Seriously, all these celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to tweet about this horrible, tragic loss for the world.

It’s not like we just lost Bono, people.  Get a grip!

Russel Brand seems to be particularly vocal about the loss.  Probably because they’re like twins.  Seriously, if you put Amy and him in a room, the only way you’d be able to tell them apart would be by the smell.

Yes, I understand that a celebrity death is more tragic than anyone else’s.  Fine.  I ‘get’ it.  And she died at the same age as Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, blah blah blah.

You wanna know the only thing that bothers me about Ms. Winehouse’s death?  Her death could have been avoided.  She had plenty of opportunities to get herself clean and sober– and she didn’t.  Or more accurately, she chose not to.

She had a network of family, friends, producers, agents, as well as the money and time that would have allowed her to go into rehab.  But with delicious irony she said no, no, no.

So now the world disproportionately mourns the loss of a semi-talented junkie… when 80+ innocent kids were gunned down in Norway.

Ah, priorities.

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15 Responses to I Guess I Shoulda Gone To Rehab…

  1. me says:


  2. anne marie in philly says:

    YES! I have been thinking the same thoughts! and my own conclusion is WHO CARES!

  3. Cubby says:

    Thank you for this post!

  4. Kevin says:

    Um, what’s wrong with you people?

    I know this might seem a little “off” coming from me — I mean, I’ve ripped into La Winehouse and her celebrity brethren plenty of times –but someone died. I’m in no way suggesting that she was a good person — I didn’t know her. But she was talented, and it is a loss.

    Yes, this could have been avoided; sadly it is clear that she was surrounded by opportunistic enablers, some of whom probably “anonymously” tipped off a tabloid or two. Her illness is well documented and right there for any and all to see who know how to run a Google search. As for “Rehab,” the irony isn’t so much “delicious” as it is terribly sad.

    And I’m not sure what the local Minneapolis, Philly, Dayton news stations are running with, but personally, I’ve actually seen more coverage over the unthinkable tragedies in Norway and the crazy-eyed religious zealot who perpetrated them.

    One last thing…Amy actually had TWO albums, ten charting singles and TWO B-Side Albums, along with a smattering of collaborative projects including Mark Ronson and Quincy Jones.

  5. Joe says:

    The saddest part about her death is all the celebrities who are now so “sorry” she’s gone and all the whining about how much she was loved and will be missed. I say BULL! If you really loved her you’d have helped her. Other than that…Keep your eyes on your own paper. These are my thoughts, EXACTLY! Except for that part about the kids in Norway. Not all of them were so ‘innocent.’

    • Burrunjor says:

      Yeah the guy who wrote this vile article really cares about the dead kids in Norway. Hence why he didn’t pull this disgusting comment up. No instead he replies to one defending Amy showing where his real priorities are.

      Big edge lord, offended by Amy taking drugs and smoking. What a wanker. If you’d been around in the 60s and 70, you’d have been the type wanting to ban the Rolling Stones and David Bowie for being bad role models.

  6. Dave says:

    Perfectly said CB I’m with you 100%

  7. Doug Barr says:

    On the plus side, she’s been totally clean and sober for four days now.

    Too soon?

  8. Bobbert says:

    I am sad for all the London drug dealers who now will not be able to feed their families.

  9. Chris says:

    I hope you’ll read this post by a former drug addict for some perspective…

    • Cb says:

      The perspective I got was that the writer pulled himself up and got sober, and that Amy for some reason chose not to and self-destructed.

  10. LAC says:

    Actually, though I found her behavior disgusting and sad, I do recognize she was a phenomenal talent. She helped bring classic soul mainstream, and gave artists like Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings a lot of exposure.

    Rants about hipsters never get old

  11. Burrunjor says:

    Okay first things first. I always have to laugh at these tossers who say “1 dead junkie vs 98 kids in Norway”. The great irony is that you showed more hatred and anger to Amy who did NOTHING than to Anders Brevik, the guy who you know KILLED those 98 kids. Kind of shows you up as the arsehole who is more offended by a woman drinking and smoking than a mass murderer. You don’t give a damn about them. You just want to exploit their deaths to try and make yourself look smarter than the plebs.

    Second of all this aged well. Ten years on and this worthless junkie is still inspiring people and her music is still incredibly successful and there have been statues and Oscar winning films made about her life. She managed that in 27 years, whilst you have a shitty blog.

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