Zaftig Kitteh

It was time for Luna’s annual checkup at the vet, so I took her in on Monday. It was different as it was “curbside drop off and pickup”. I handed her over in the parking lot and then waited.

The good news is that they love her and she looks good overall. No real issues to report.

The bad news is that they want her to lose a little weight. And she’s only 9 lbs to begin with!

Whatcha doin’… poopin?

Luna doesn’t have the fat waddle and she’s overall decently lithe. But the vet says she carries weight around her core and should lose a little. The vet recommended 180 calories a day total for her. So I started looking at her food

She gets 1/3 of a can of wet food in the morning, which is like 65-70 calories. And then she gets 1 helping of kibble from the autofeeder. I measured it and it was less than 1/4 cup. And 1/4 cup is about 100 calories. Also, I don’t give her treats unless I’m trimming her nails.

So, by my calculations, even with the few extra pieces of kibble I give her right before bedtime, she already is at a 180 calorie diet.

Part of me wonders if the vets think she’s too big because her abdomen/ribs were possibly stretched when she had kittens as a kitten herself (she was knocked up very early and then a foster cat).

Anyway, I’ll be trying to shave off a bit more food and possibly some weight. But this is going to be a difficult journey as she is so food motivated.

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1 Response to Zaftig Kitteh

  1. truthspew says:

    One of our long gone cats she was a dark chocolate brown beauty. All her life she was only 6.5lbs.

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