One week

It’s been almost exactly one week since Luna moved in (yes, I think I’m morphing her name to Luna). So far things are off to a good start!

It took her a good day to settle down– then she basically crashed and slept a lot. And now she’s figuring out sounds and routines and such. The cuckoo clock no longer startled her.

I’m pretty sure she’s a smart little girl.

She’s finding her perches– window by my plants, Chair at the dining table, back of couch– and she’s using her scratch post a LOT!

She’s definitely playful– laser pointer, twirly toy, hands, sacks, shoe strings, etc. she just loves to play.

Luna also goes crazy for catnip toys! She runs around, bats it, flips it around, chases or, etc.

Things that are cool about her include:

– she has a long cycle purr that’s definitely audible

– she loves chin scratches and belly rubs

– she lets me sleep in the morning

– she is very present, following me around and checking out what I’m doing. Always watching me.

– she lets me pet her whenever and I’ve been able to pick her up

– she is not afraid of anything! Loud noises don’t seem to bother her and she even just sort of watched me vacuum.

The only thing I’m waiting in is for her to lay near me and cuddle. She gets “close” but not quite there. She has jumped up onto my bed and napped with me some, but we aren’t at cuddle time.


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2 Responses to One week

  1. truthspew says:

    Oh you’ve got a keeper in Luna. It’s funny how cats have many different personalities. But Luna has the hunting instinct which I love in cats. Our female cat Angie is up there in age but she was never a hunter.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    That’s amazing progress for just 1 week! Worry not, she’ll be cuddling with you in no time. 🙂

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