Hulk smash!

I broke my iPhone today. 

Yup. Fumbled it while trying to get it out of my pocket. It flipped awkwardly through the air like a ‘one winged dove’ and landed face down on the rough asphalt walking path. 

I distinctly heard the faint *crick* of shattering glass on impact. And as I picked it up, I knew it was done. There were already chunks of the screen missing and it was spider-webbed from top to bottom. 

It was ugly. 

I’d never broken an iPhone before so I was all “What do I do now?? Buy a new phone?  But the new one comes out in like 4 months!  I don’t want to spend the money for a 7!!! Waaaaaah!!!  But wait– can’t I just replace the screen portion?”

So I jumped online and researched iPhone fix it options.  

I found I could do it myself– if I ordered a kit and crap. Which would save me money, but would take time.  Or I could have an expert replace it, but end up paying more for the service. 

Well– I like instant gratification, so I went with option B.

I quickly researched several options, and found one that would actually come to me and replace the screen. Today. Within the hour. 

Hellz yeah!  So I booked them for 2 pm. They arrived early and in roughly 15 minutes I had a beautiful, brand new functioning screen.

It was actually cool watching her open the phone and work on it. Lots of tiny screws. But there were some disconnections she had to do internally, and seeing that made me glad someone else was doing this shit. 

Her practiced hands had obviously done hundreds of these. She even said as much and commented that it was almost like muscle memory at this point. 

Regardless- it was totally worth it and painless. 

Other than the cost. Which wasn’t terrible, but not cheap, either. 

Now if I can just keep this bad boy intact until September…..

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8 Responses to Hulk smash!

  1. zack says:

    And she was probably chinese…

  2. MiGuy says:

    I have read that the coolest of the iPhones will be released two months later. They are to release 3 versions (a small one, a 5.5 one and the the 10th anniversary one and that one will be late to arrive).

  3. dogdadny says:

    If you ever decide to get a case – the Speck Presidio case has saved mine several times but most impressively the time i left it on top of my Jeep and it flew off when I was going over 30. I saw it in the rear view. The case was barely marked. amazing considering how slim it is.

  4. Blobby says:

    can i tell you how much i love you used ‘one winged dove’???

  5. Mark in DE says:

    Like you, I’ve never cracked/broken a screen until Feb. My phone was in my shirt pocket and when I leaned over to pick up something from the kitchen tile floor… splat. I took mine to a local shop who replaced the screen in under an hour for $139. which is LOT cheaper than buying a new phone.

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