Music, Sun, Tears… and No Rugby

It was a real “Hit or Miss” weeken for me.

The “Miss” parts? All the rugby.

The rugby matches were always done for the day by the time I was free to go see them. (I had band camp all weekend).

Unfortunately I didn’t get in any “frolic time” with the ruggers either. I was simply shattered after a long day of marching on Saturday.

And on Sunday I was tired, sunburned, and didn’t feel like spending $25 cover to stand around and not talk to boys.

It would have been nice to shag a Sydney Convict, though.


Another “miss” was that last sunscreen application (or lack thereof). As a result, I am quite sunburned today.

As for the “Hits”? Toy story 3 on Friday was a big one.

That movie doesn’t just tug at your heartstrings, it plays the whole goddamn symphony.

I was bawling like a little pussy in the theater! Thank god for the masking effect of the 3-D glasses.

Also a big “hit” this weekend was my last drum corps camp prior to starting our live performances.

They worked the snot out of us this weekend and we cleaned up a lot of drill.

And out last runthrough of the weekend (in front of corps friends and family) actually brought out staff to tears.

We’re talking real tears too. And not because we were bad either. They got choked up at all the hard work and effort and how hard we performed the show.

That was a really nice compliment after such a hard weekend.

Although I must admit, I fucked up something in our final run- where I have never fucked up before.

It was pretty major, and now I’m paranoid. What happened? Why did I do it? Will it happen again?


Final “hit”– out first big marching performance show of the season is this Saturday. Six days hence.


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4 Responses to Music, Sun, Tears… and No Rugby

  1. Derek Chavez says:

    From what i hear it was a blast. Lots of hot rugged men! I still wish I could of been there!

  2. kyle says:

    i would have come to friends and family had you told me.

  3. Cubby says:

    How about some marching vids?

  4. rg says:

    Too bad you didn’t get a chance to get fucked in half by a sweaty rugby player. And I second the motion for marching vids!

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