Ring Out the Old

Well- another year gone.

I’m typing this as I sit with mom on this New Years Eve. Because of the blizzard last weekend, we decided to postpone our Christmas until today. It was nice- and a positive way to end the year. We each got to much and ate too much.

As years go, I don’t think 2022 was as bad as some of the more recent ones. I mean, Covid is still around… and we also got Monkeypox, but the vaccines seem to be doing ok.

I’ve managed to stay vaxxed and mostly healthy (knock on wood) and that’s something to be thankful for.

I did Noom and was pretty successful at it. Although my weight has crept up a bit, so I’ll need to rededicate myself to it in 2023. However, I did add muscle, so that’s not a bad thing. At least my pants still fit decently.

Travel opened up a bit and I was able to take two trips— one to Palm Springs and one to Provincetown (for my birthday). Both were good and gay ol’ times were had, so there’s that. Met some good folk at each place, and I look forward to returning to both locations.

I did change jobs (again) in late March, and so far it’s been ok. Challenging, but the environment is decent overall. I don’t think I’m making enough money, and I don’t know if this is a longer term gig or not. But for now it’s fine. It’s gonna get pretty crazy in March when I lose a person to maternity leave.

Spring basically sucked. It was cold and wet and dragged on well into May. I dislike it when winter hangs on so long. The last few years with climate change, winters have been brutal and long in Minnesota (basically October through April). I’d love to be in Palm Springs more. But alas— not yet.

I finally made my pink bike. And by dint of some luck, and also finally figuring out what I’m doing with bike builds, the bike turned out great. The most comfortable and fetch bike in my quiver. I really enjoyed riding Fast Eddy this past summer.

Summer was warm and dry. Drought-dry. But I was able to enjoy the riding weather.

I’m still in band and chorus. Both offer me musical fulfillment, which is good. It’s always nice to have a creative outlet. And this past one I got the chance to stretch myself in a new direction with acting.

We still have war in Ukraine. Inflation is mad. Unemployment is crazy low. The midterm elections weren’t as bad as they could have been. Trump seems to be circling the drain, but he still keeps hanging on.

Mom is doing… ok. We had some Parkinson’s issues this past year, but currently she’s holding her own. I think she got off her meds or something. We now have a helper person coming every day except Sundays to assist her with tasks (bathing, dressing, laundry, groceries, errands, etc). I keep praying that she’ll hold on and be able to stay in her house.

Mom’s sister died just before Christmas. She’d been having issues for awhile, and she went peacefully in the end. So now mom is basically an orphan, but…

Mom did get a companion— a kitty named Harley Grace. She’s on my lap as I type. She’s friendly and loves snuggles. She’s older- and my mom took her in after her owner died. I think it’s good for my mom to have another heartbeat in the house to keep her company.

So, all in all, not a terrible year. I’m decently healthy, employed, active, financially solid, mom’s still doing ok, and we got a new family member. And my Luna is still 90% loving, 10% cunt.

I’m hoping for at least a decent 2023. I want to purge crap from my condo, sell some stuff, clean up and organize things, perhaps update my bathroom, go on a few more trips, and generally put my life in a bit better order. Two more years before I can buy in a 55+ park in Palm Springs.

And to anyone still reading, I wish you and yours all the best in 2023.

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1 Response to Ring Out the Old

  1. GregM says:

    Happy New Year! It was great meeting you in real life in 2022.

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