Vote Early, Vote Often

I first heard the slogan “Vote early, vote often” when I was going to college in Chicago. Most attributed it to a phrase coined by the notorious Chicago political scene, where dead people have been known To turn out in record numbers on Election Day. But I guess it stems from much earlier.

Anyway- I voted today.

Minneapolis (and Minnesota in general) makes it very easy to vote early, so I take advantage of it. I hate having just the one day to vote, and then you have limited hours to get to the polls. And it’s always on a work day so you have to schedule time off and wait in lines… eff that. So, I just go and knock it out early. No fuss. No muss. No lines.

I’m honestly just as worried about this election as I was in 2020. Republicans have worked even harder to skew the elections with their suppression tactics, legislation and redistricting. and the extreme candidates that have traction are just downright scary. If democrats lose the senate, then nothing will get done for two years. And what’s worse is that there won’t be any support for the big issues like Ukraine, or global warming, or the global rise in fascism.

I’ll be happy if dems somehow manage to keep control, but I think the house will flip for sure. I mean, the gerrymandering alone in the past couple years at the Republican controlled state levels have all but assured it.

The sad part is- a small piece of me kind of hopes democrats lose both chambers. They kind of deserve it. The party has managed to piss off a lot of it’s base, Hispanic voters are turning Republican (why??) and they haven’t figured out how to fight dirty enough to win yet. Plus, let’s face it. If people (young and old) aren’t motivated to vote after all the Trump shenanigans and the Supreme Court decisions and everything else— then I guess we deserve that kind of Amerika.

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