Super Flower Blood Moon

So last night we were treated not only to a lunar eclipse, but a lunar eclipse during a super moon event. So the moon looked bigger than normal during the eclipse.

Luckily it cleared my building just prior to going oh into totality. I stood out on my balcony and watched the last sliver disappear.

Unfortunately light pollution from the city doesn’t help with photographing the event. And neither does using the iPhone rather than a good SLR… but I did snap a photo or two.

They always say “blood red”. To me it always just looks like a dusty orange. But still, it was pretty cool.

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1 Response to Super Flower Blood Moon

  1. Gary says:

    I’m on the peninsula in the Bay Area and it was a bit cloudy and moonrise was to the South so a clear view never really happened and my attempts at photos was thwarted by lens flares from the streetlights. But, that thing was huge and that’s not new to me. The color on the other hand was like I’ve never seen. I’ve settled on Ronald Reagan’s hair as the best description though I totally get your burnt orange reference. Just like Ronnie the event was stunning and frustrating; an enormous red demon.

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