One Week In…

Well, I’ve been at my new job for one week now. So far, so ok.

Is it a dream job? No. But I’m not convinced those really exist. But at least they talk to me here and everyone is helpful. But it’s also been a tad chaotic this first week- much as it is with any new job. I think they have been desperate for a person in this position, so they are tossing everything my way. At least I’m busy and way more involved in the day to day.

Also? Training is… not well implemented. There should probably be at least 3 days of specific systems training. Like how to use the ERP system. How to access documents. What documents do I need specifically for my job? What’s my training matrix? What exactly are my responsibilities and authorities? I’m kind of having to catch-as-catch-can on all this because my facility is a bit short-staffed.

It’s a lot to process. But the learning curve isn’t as steep as it was with the last job. So that’s nice.

Onboarding was easy – as far as getting benefits set up and such. Next up will be trying to figure out he healthcare crap. Like do I have to do anything special for doctors or meds or anything. I’m still waiting to receive my cards in the mail at this point.

The nice thing is that payroll is already working. Confirmed that I got my first paycheck on Friday auto deposited. So as long as the money part works- the rest will work out in time.

A couple other nice things: I don’t have to keep time card with this job. And there’s no “you must work 45 hours a week” minimum requirement. And working from home may be an occasional option- although I need to really be present at the factory because of daily decisions.

Oh- and because we hit out shopping targets for the month, everyone got a 1/2 day off last Friday. So they are good with the reward/recognition part.

So I’m… hopeful… about this place. Time will tell, though. Hell, it’s only been a week.

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1 Response to One Week In…

  1. Old Lurker says:

    It sounds promising so far. I hope it works out. You have had some pretty bad work situations and I hope you have found a good one now.

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