Trans Hate in Texas

When you listen to the news, Florida pretty much has a lock on the most fucked up state in our country. But Texas is a close second. Especially with all their political bullshit.

The latest shit that is next-level hatefulness is that they passed a law that says child protective services will get involved if parents provide their transgendered children with affirming care. Because supporting their trans identity is seen as child abuse.

Child abuse.

Yes. Texas now has a law that punishes parents of transgendered kids by investigating them and possibly taking them away. Can you imagine?

How much more abusive do you think you can get than ripping a child from a living, supportive environment and tossing them into foster care where they’ll get guardians who think that being trans is not worthy of support. Or worse- is wrong and something to be changed?


I was listening to NPR this morning where they had the story of this family in Texas with a happy, teen trans boy. They’ve been fighting with the stste for years about him. YEARS. They even invited the governor and his wife over for dinner to show them their family dynamic. And still, after a lively shared meal, the governor goes ahead and passes this law.

When they got to the part about the mom going into work one morning and finding an urgent message from Child Protective Services- and learning they were 30 minutes away- broke my heart. She was wrecked and believed they were coming to take her children.

All because she actively supported her son and was actively advocating for his rights.

Right now the ACLU got involved a judge granted an injunction and there is a lawsuit and the constitutionality of this law is going to be put on trial. It’s a huge fucking mess and taking up this poor family’s time and resources. As the mom put it “I have better things to do than to fight someone’s hatred and political ambition.”

My heart really goes out to this family. I hope things work out in their favor- but I’m not optimistic.

Republican lawmakers really take the cake. They want government out of people’s lives, until they want government in people’s lives. And it’s always to restrict or punish a minority rather than to protect them. Always.

You could not pay me to live in Texas.

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2 Responses to Trans Hate in Texas

  1. Old Lurker says:

    Minnesota is not safe. This kind of wedge issue legislation is being drafted all over the country. The same goes for the “10k bounty”-type bills Texas drafted to make abortion illegal.

    None of these bastards care about the health of trans children. They do not care if these kids are torn from their loving birth families and abused in foster care. They are just trying to score political points, and hating on Teh Gayz is not working so well for them anymore.

  2. truthspew says:

    Interesting i can see a court taking up this law. You start creating classes of people and that runs directly against the law. Good.

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