Russia, Ukraine, and our Fucked Up World

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse…

Why? I wanna know why Russia is invading Ukraine. Like, the real reason. I know Russia has given a bunch of false flag reasons, so what is it really? Is it to annex the previously soviet bloc country to keep it from A NATO alliance? Is it to take back a nuclear arsenal? A grab for natural resources? Merely to sow chaos?

I believe this is a test of sorts. How will the west respond? The west doesn’t want to get involved in another European land war. And god I hope the US doesn’t jump into the fray and declare war. Because that’ll be a nuclear nightmare. So, the west will retaliate with sanctions. But. Y guess is thst Tussia has been building an immunity to them.

If sanctions don’t work and the west doesn’t commit troops and escalate the war, then Putin has nothing really stopping him from retaking the Baltic nations too. Or more.

And I gotta believe that Putin made a deal with China on all this. My guess is it was “we won’t invade until after the Olympics, and you can watch us to see how the west reacts. If it goes well, and you don’t do anything to stop us, we’ll support you in your bid to re-annex Taiwan.”

Regardless, this means chaos for Europe because they will no longer have relative peace and safety. And the poor Ukrainian people, after being a free republic, will now be squashed under the thumb of Russia. Again.

And there’s already destruction and death. And really, why? Threat of escalation. In this day and age— why? The world is shrinking and our real battles are climate change, fresh water, food security, and disease.

And this all seems to be driven by the narcissistic Putin. Which again, begs the question— why?

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