Tax Time

It’s getting to be that time of year. The “second” most wonderful time of the year: tax time.

By now, w-2’s have gone out, along with 1099’s, 1095’s, and a host of other tax documents that you need to amass prior to the chore of filling out all the tax forms. what a fucking chore!

I always have to make a list of what I need to have handy— the earnings and the deductions. Inevitably I am missing something which then prompts an all out hunt through saved mail documents and/or logging into online websites to find the firms I need. Nothing is ever easy or straightforward.

Because I basically had everything I needed, and because it’s February, AND because I had a free Saturday, I thought I’d at least get a jump on my taxes. TurboTax, donchaknow.

And this year, I was extra raped by the government. And you will too, if you underpaid

This year, a couple things conspired against me. Evidently when I changed jobs, they didn’t set my withholdings correctly, so there’s that. Also, I don’t get a lot of write offs anymore, Amani only hit the standard deduction. Plus, there’s my father’s annuity that I inherited.

Now, I really don’t mean to bitch about the annuity. I mean, I inherited some money (a retirement annuity) so that’s pretty awesome. However, it also means that I have to take a Required Minimum Distribution every year. Which becomes untaxed income. Which then means I owe at tax time because I can’t seem to figure out how best to compensate for it.

Anyway- while doing my taxes this year, and because of our he aforementioned extras, I owe both federal and state taxes. (I may get some State money back if I can get my property tax exemptions). And honestly I’ve owed money ever since the good ol Republican “tax cuts”. Well done , Republicans!

But this year, there’s insult to injury. The government (state and federal) is actually penalizing your for underpayment. Yup. If you end up owing money, they then calculate how much you underpaid by and tack on a “penalty” charge. In my case it isn’t a huge penalty— like $18 or something apiece. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Then they have the gall to ask when you’re gonna pay them their money. I basically said by April 14th, motherfuckers.

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