That’s So Raven!

So, as I was at the gym yesterday, I caught part of the Baltimore Ravens football game. And they kept showing number 89, and even in the helmet I was like “who is this???”

Now, I know juuuuust enough about football to be dangerous. From his number and where he lined up, I could tell he was a tight end. A BIG tight end. Like Gronkowski sized.

Allow me to introduce Mark Andrews. He’s 26. 6’5”. 256 lbs. And ever so dreamy!

Damn. Now that’s some prime, Grade A beef.

And THEN! I’m watching 60 Minutes and they do a story on football kickers. Specifically one of the best in the game, who also happens to be… a Baltimore Raven. And also ridiculously hot!

Allow me to introduce Justin Tucker. He’s 32. 6’1” and 183 lbs. He is the most accurate kicker and holds the record for the longest NFL field goal at 66 yards.

Oh, and did I mention he sings opera?

Yeah. Droooooool.

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