Kimmy Potter and the Prizoner of…


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So, the veteran cop who “thought” she had her taser out but instead had her Glock pulled and who shot and killed an unarmed Black motorist (in the Minneapolis area) was found guilty on two counts of manslaughter. And I’m kinda surprised by the verdicts.

Surprised in a couple ways.

I mean, given how the prosecution kinda botched it all, I was almost expecting her to get off Scott free. But then I was also surprised that she was found guilty on both counts of manslaughter.

In a way I’m kinda conflicted by the result.

Now let me be clear. She killed a Daunte Wright. He was unarmed. And it was all caught on cam. And there is NO crime that any American can commit that warrants execution by the police. None. Not even attacking an officer. Citizens are supposed to be arrested and given a trial. Not killed on the spot.

I do think that she didn’t mean to kill him. For whatever reason, maybe being distracted because she was training a newbie, or maybe because the guy was trying to drive away and she got flustered— whatever. I think it was unintentional. But it still happened, and Daunte is dead so…

But (and I hate that I’m going here) why did he try to drive away when they were trying to arrest him? Does that mean he should be shot? Absolutely NOT. But if the police are trying to arrest you and you try to flee, you have to know that this is going to escalate things. Emotions are going to ratchet up. And bad things have more of a chance to happen.

Do I blame him for trying to run from white cops given that this is in the backyard of where George Floyd was murdered? No. But I believe that he’d probably still be alive if he hadn’t tried to drive away.

Anyway. All that being said, yes, she needed to be found guilty of manslaughter. Which degree of manslaughter, I don’t know because I’m not well versed. The first degree may be a bit excessive, but definitely second degree.

The good news in all this is that perhaps this sends an additional message to cops that they’re days of getting away with murder are numbered.

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1 Response to Kimmy Potter and the Prizoner of…

  1. truthspew says:

    One issue is cops are being convicted more and more now that body cams are becoming ubiquitous. So in other words their bad behavior of prior years is now being placed on full display.

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