Good Fences…

There’s an old saying “good fences make good neighbors”. Well, let’s hope my shared wall will be a good enough fence. Because it Looks like I have a new neighbor. Another new neighbor.

This is like my fourth or fifth set of neighbors since I’ve lived in my place. (Steph n Chris, Loud sex girl, Other Chris, and now this new guy. Plus I may be missing one). It’ll be my 11 year anniversary of living in my condo this month. But during my span of consistency, I’ve seen my “wall buddy” unit change hands several times. This makes me ponder two things:

A) I’m an asshole neighbor, or B) the unit next to line is one of the few rentals in the building.

I love my condo- it is absolutely everything I wanted in a space. Light. Tall ceilings. Exposed brick. Open. Woof floors. Semi-modern. Quiet. Warm. Centrally located. Plus I have an end unit, so I’m close to the elevators and just have one neighbor with a shared wall.

Unfortunately the shared wall is like a mirror, so our bedrooms and living rooms “touch”. This made for some interesting “audibles” a couple neighbors ago- when I’d hear the hot military guy knocking the bottom out of his girlfriend (my neighbor) at like 11pm. They were not shy.

Nor am I, so I’m sure they heard things too. But mine were never at 11 pm on a school night.

Now, I don’t think I’m particularly assholish as a neighbor. Quite the contrary. I try to be extremely conscientious. I don’t have loud parties ever. I don’t blast my music. I don’t watch movies or tv at excessive volumes. I am in bed by like 10 every night. I don’t play records on the weekends until at least 10 am. If I do practice music, I do it in the afternoons or early evenings. I don’t walk around in hard shoes. I keep drip pans under my balcony plants. And I don’t have a barking dog.

That being said, I hope my new neighbor is as conscientious. Mostly he’s been pretty quiet (thankfully) but on Saturday evening he did throw a party, and it was a touch loud. Not as loud as the previous guy’s “frat style” party, but there was enough subwoofer and party noise bleed through. But— it didn’t go much beyond 11pm. And it never got crazy loud, so I’m hopeful. Because I really don’t wanna be that guy.

Maybe this was his “hey I got a new place, and it’s the holidays” party? So I’ll give it a pass. I just hope it isn’t a common theme.

Anyway. Just because I’m now curious, I’m going to email and ask the office manager today if the unit next to mine may be a rental. It would be good to know these things.

Regardless, I have to break in another neighbor. I haven’t seen or met him yet, but I know it’s a he because I saw packages in the mail room addressed to that unit. Let’s just hope he’s ok with loud gay sex. I’m joking!


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