No, this isn’t some multiple choice answer thing, and it’s not about the new ABBA album. ACDA stands for American Choral Directors Association. For whom we performed this past weekend.

After a year and a half hiatus, it is… interesting… to perform live again in front of an audience. Because now it’s singing while masked, with some social distancing tossed in for good measure. This was was especially pressure packed for a myriad of other reasons, too.

This was the first time stepping on stage as a chorus since the before times. And it just so happened to be in front of a bunch of choral directors and teachers. People who know music. We also have recently changed our dress policy to allow for flexibility for non-binary and gender fluid individuals. So this was the first run at that. And I also didn’t think we were particularly ready, given our rehearsal challenges and the fact we’re still on-book


It went well. Better than expected I think. Which surprised us all. The space was lovely (and forgiving) with good reverberation. Nothing fucked up. People were focused. And the singers that chose to do the ACDA gig were a good group.

We received lots of positive feedback. Including from the director of St Olaf, which is probably one of the best choral music programs in the country. We also got lively feedback from a composer who was in the audience, as well as from some former members who were in the audience.

This was a nice confidence booster for the chorus, and makes us that much more prepared for our Christmas concerts in 3 weeks time.

So, that was my Saturday morning activity. More hijinks ensued the rest of the weekend, but this was about the choral gig. (I also had book club and hosted chamber rehearsal. And maybe some sexytimez thrown in to boot).

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