Sweet, Sweet Ride

So, I may be turning into a soccer mom.

Moose, the affectionate name I have for my FJ Cruiser, is in the shop getting some work done. Basically I’m having the lift kit removed, new front shocks installed, and having new tires put on (plus alignment) etc. This is a whole saga on its own which will probably be a separate post. Suffice it to say, the work couldn’t be completed in a day so I got a loaner vehicle.

A Toyota Sienna minivan.

My cis-gendered, masculine side was saying “Um… no.” My gay side was saying “Oh HELL to the nah!” I mean- a minivan? Ew. Mom car. Or the vehicle of a suburban dad who’s just given up on life. But it would only be for a couple days, so I sucked it up and took the keys.

Then I drove this puppy.

Holy smooth ride, Batman!

This fucker is brand new and fully loaded. It has everything! Heated and cooled leather seats. Multi zone climate control. Heads up display on the windshield. Touch screen Nav/Infotainment system. Sirius XM. Backup cameras. Backup sensors. Side sensors. Front sensors. Blind spot detection indicators. Push button start. Electric seat adjustments. Auto movement of the seat when you turn on and off the vehicle. And it’s a hybrid.

As many bells and whistles as it had, I was still pretty skeptical. But I gotta say- it rides really nicely.

I’m so used to my FJ (tall, short wheel base, big ass tires, etc) that I’d kind of forgotten what it’s like in a posh, newer vehicle. The long minivan wheelbase means it rides smoothly. It just floats along. And it’s quiet! Steering is smooth and I’m not fighting road ruts like I am in the FJ.

Now I get why soccer moms always fly by you on the interstate. It’s because you honestly don’t feel like you’re going as fast as you are. I was just driving along on the freeway and when I looked down? 87 mph! Jesus.

And boy is the damn thing easy to slide in and out of. not to mention easy for kids, dogs, elderly, groceries, soccer equipment, IKEA furniture, etc.

I can see why these things are popular.

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