I was down visiting my mom again this past weekend. All things being equal, she’s doing ok. The medication adjustments and being several months past her surgeries have helped to stabilize her. She’s getting around ok and she has several different people helping her and looking in on her. So that’s all good.

While I was down, I decided to give her some additional electronics to help her and to make her more comfortable. I got her an Amazon Dot and a hue lightbulb. She was always having to fumble with the lamp by her chair, so now that’s voice controlled by Alexa.

I also synced her contacts and set up her dish network on Alexa, so she has voice options for phone calls, tv control, etc. She loves being able to ask Alexa questions. Most of which revolve around how tall certain actors are.

I also took her my old Apple TV and hooked that up for her to give her extra movie and show options. She really wanted to see Ted Lasso. Between setting it up on Saturday and today, she has already binged both seasons. She LOVED it. Now on to schmigadoon.

Just so you know, she’s sharing my Netflix, Amazon, and Apple accounts so that she can watch all this content.

I wish I didn’t have to use the Apple TV. The remote is so small it’s difficult for her to use. Also, it involves changing hdmi inputs, which involves using a third remote. So now she has to juggle the dish remote, the tv remote for input switching, and the Apple TV remote. All this is because her tv is so goddamn old and also because her dish network doesn’t support Apple TV as an app.

I had some other electronic hurdles too, namely with the sound bar and how it was hooked up. Don’t ask- but again- the age of her tv made juggling inputs/outputs… challenging. Especially without instructions. But logic prevailed and I got her sound working with both dish and Apple TV.

Yay me!

I think this has given me an idea for Christmas though. I’ll be upgrading her TV. Which won’t cost much as her “1980’s entertainment unit” can only accommodate a maximum of 38”. But if I can at least get one with apps built in for Netflix, Amazon, and Apple— it might mean fewer remotes for her.

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