Indian Summer

Or do we call it “Native American” summer now? Regardless, we are in the midst of it here and it’s pretty glorious. But it ends Thursday.

This past weekend, we got lucky and had a perfect summerfall day on Sunday. 80 degrees, low humidity, no wind, blue sky. So naturally I went on a bike ride. Probably my last long ride of the year.

This was my ride on Sunday. I hit all my usual areas- and busted out a really fast ride at 18.3 mph! It felt like I was moving, but you never know. It also felt really good. I probably could have tossed in another 10 miles, but I didn’t have time.

Me at Minnehaha Falls
Feelin cocky at the sculpture gardens

And while I know summer really IS over at this point, I’m less melancholy than I was at the end of August. The extra time has given me space to process and get used to the idea of autumn. I don’t like it, but I’m dealing.

On other fronts— I have started the process of looking for a new job. Yes, again. I wish it wasn’t the case, but….

The job I took in May was a welcome change from my last job. That one had run its course and I just couldn’t stay there any longer. So I was really looking forward to this new job. I mean, new industry. New environment. Smart people.

But as with any new job, once you begin you start to discover all the stuff that wasn’t visible during the interview process. All the warts as it were. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

There are just a myriad of issues here- and I don’t think I can fix them. Partly due to the mindset and partly due to the sheet lack of resources available.

I haven’t even reached the 5 month mark yet, but I just feel the situation is untenable. So I’m starting to look again. Trust me, this does not sit well with me. I’m of the generation where you stay put in a job. I just don’t think I can, though.

The positive here is that my eyes have been opened as far as potential red flags to look out for in a future employer. I will also be a bit tougher in my negotiations (especially when it comes to vacation).

Other than that, it’s just another Monday in another week.

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2 Responses to Indian Summer

  1. inf_jes says:

    I’ve been there, man. Jumped out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. I just left as gracefully as I could, explaining that I just didn’t feel like the “corporate culture” was a good fit for me while thanking them for the opportunity, both in my letter of resignation and when interviewing elsewhere.

    Quite a popular buzzword at the time at least, and I wasn’t even questioned about it by the employer I left. I was very apologetic about it but explained that it was something I couldn’t possibly have know until I started working there. Make sure you do give the required amount of notice but don’t go overboard (if you have to give a month’s notice, don’t give them 6 weeks). The worm eventually turns, and your final days there can be made anything from an incredible bore to unbearable.

    When interviewing elsewhere, you’ll have to explain a bit more, since they’re not going to want you to do the same thing with them. You seem like a very smart guy, so I feel like you can handle that. If you’re worried, it might be worth dropping some $ on an interview coach or career counselor (or both).

    I may have asked this before, but are there any “headhunters” in your field? They come with their own challenges, in that some of them are more interested in the commission they will get if they slot you in somewhere and you stay for x amount of days/weeks/months. But some of them can be incredibly good at matching you up with a good fit for both you and the company. I suspect they are either just good people or people who don’t get their commission unless you stay for at least 2-3 years or something LOL.

  2. inf_jes says:

    I believe we do NOT call it “Indian Summer” anymore. Not sure what the preferred term, if any, is. I’m sure google has that answer. One would think the Minneapolis area would know more than perhaps any other place in the midwest or the east, but I guess not.

    I noticed NPR is referring to Native Americans as Indigenous Americans. Just FYI. The only person I know who is part of that group is okay with Native American but prefers his more specifically identifying word, which is Chippewa.

    Just from him, I’ve found that they are not crazy about being referred to as a homogenous group such as NA’s. Each tribe is unique, has its own history, and may not appreciate being lumped in with other tribes other than for quick identifying purposes such as a blurb on the national news. Especially if historically there was friction between some other tribe. Some of them are historically blood enemies, and there are still hard feelings LOL.

    His example is sports. There are “football fans” in this country, and they get more specific team identification here much more frequently than the many different tribes who make up the group we call Native/Indigenous Americans. Your city is likely filled with Vikings fans, and they are proud of that identification and expect/demand that they be identified that way, rather than just generically as football fans.

    However, my friend does point out that sadly football fans outnumber what is left of Native Americans, so differentiation is likely more necessary.

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