And the band got back together…

Well technically we never broke up. We were just on the Covid hiatus. But as of this week, my extracurricular are back in full force— both band and chorus.

Concert band Monday night was the first time I’d played with the group in — well, since spring of 2020. So it’s been awhile. Luckily I’d kept my chops up decently, so playing wasn’t terrible. However, I was a tad rusty on sight reading on the euphonium.

Chorus actually started last week, with our open rehearsal Tuesday and auditions on Thursday. But last night was the start with the newly accepted members. It was also my first time running an “in person” sectional rehearsal and then singing with the full chorus since March of 2020.

Overall, I thought I’d feel… different.

Being a musician and having to put a full stop to playing/singing in groups was a massive change. Especially since I’d been doing it for many years in end. But I think I was also a tad more burnt out than I realized. So at the time Covid restrictions happened, I was actually kind of ok to let go of playing in concert band.

Chorus never stopped for me really- it just moved to a virtual realm. Which actually increased my workload as a section leader and made my musical life more of a challenge. I was having to teach music and play piano every week on zoom calls. For a year. and then there was the self-recording for our virtual concerts and special videos.

It was a lot.

Now that rehearsals are happening again for all my musical friends, they’re all posting on Facebook about how much they’ve missed it and how their hearts are full again and such. But me? I didn’t get that feeling.

For me, it was more like I had been watching a dvd, hit the pause button for awhile to take care of some stuff, then pushed “play” again (a year and a half later). It honestly felt like i blinked… and then picked everything right back up.

I’m right back to scheduling rehearsals and concerts in my calendar, mapping out routes to the rehearsals feom my new job, worrying about how prepared I am musically, stressing about teaching sectionals, wedging in practice time, etc.

I think my job burn out and Covid burn out and musical burnout has taken a toll. I keep fantasizing about saying “peace out, bitched”, doing a massive mic drop and just disappearing to an island for like a year.

Maybe I’ll feel different once the routine of it all kicks in and I get my schedules dialed in. But right now instead of feeling joyous to be back in live music, I feel underwhelmed. And a tad unsettled.

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1 Response to And the band got back together…

  1. Old Lurker says:

    I hope the joy returns for you. I can sympathise with the stress feeling like too much.

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