My Three Sons

Or in this case— bikes.

Ok, so technically I have 5 bikes currently. But the main three are the Italians: Colnago, Bianchi, and Cinelli. These are the ones I’m going to talk about, because they all ride differently and have different charms.

Il Bambino aka “Bambi”

This is Bambi. This is my first “bike build” where I basically built it feom the frame up. I chose all the components and did most of the assembly. And while it’s hard for me to say I have a favorite “child”, this one may be it.

I always wanted a cinelli bike- ever since I was about 12 or so. So this is like realizing a lifelong dream. Plus I built him and I think he’s dead sexy. I’ve received more than one compliment from other bikers on this build.

Bambi fits me really well, so riding is pretty comfortable. Sometimes I just want to keep riding and riding him. The gear ratio (47:16) works really well with my cadence. Plus for a steel frame, Bambi is light. And stiff.

Bambi likes to accelerate, meaning if I step on the pedals, the force translates quickly and efficiently. Like, if I want to go— the bike goes. It doesn’t feel like I have to work hard to accelerate.

The geometry on Bambi is definitely on the sport/race side of things. Handling is just a pube this side of being “twitchy”. So it really doesn’t take much to turn— or overturn. But he corners super smoothly.

The only thing I would change would be the handlebars. I really like flat bars (or bull horns). So Bambi may get an update this winter. We’ll see.

The ‘Nago.

I don’t really have a specific name for this bike. I just call him “the Nago”- short for Colnago. This is my fanciest (and most expensive) bike. Although I got it for a song.

The Nago is titanium, so the materials geek in me loves the exotic material. Lighter than steel. Almost as stiff as aluminum, with none of the fatigue risk. Titanium was going to be all the rage in cycling— until carbon fiber came along. But carbon frames can break with a good impact- unlike Titanium.

The Nago is pretty fancy. Campangnolo wheels and components. Thompson neck. Fancy shifters which are basically built into the brake levers. Light as hell, especially given all the additional componentry present. For a 90’s era bike, it’s really the tits.

The Nago is also a fairly speedy bike. Just about (if not faster) than Bambi. And a bit more balanced in the steering/handling. I’m still working out the gear ratios on him so that I spool up to a comfortable cadence. But I can tell you there are two more gears beyond what I typically ride- if I really want to hit it.

The thing that the Nago does really well is climb. The stiff frame and gearing make hills fairly easy. Almost a joy.

The Nago fits me decently. I think the reach is just a tad long, so I’ll be working on that. And I want to get a Brooks saddle for him eventually. Ans maybe different handlebars/tape. I’d like to go with white tape, white west and white wheels on him. I think it would be sharp as hell.


Meet Luigi. Yes, named after the Mario character because he’s green, and because he’s Japanese Italian.

There is so much that I like about Luigi. The color first and foremost. This is another frame up build that I did. I got the frame off eBay for like 150 bucks. It’s that vintage Bianchi “Celeste” color (their signature color). The new Bianchi are similar in color, but it’s not the same.

Luigi is a fun ride. Totally fits me really well so that I’m never sore or uncomfortable. I love the vintage Brooks saddle and the flat bars. And the green and brown vintage color scheme is retro-sexy.

Luigi is definitely a “messenger bike” look. The frame has some distress and patina to it. The decals are all but worn away. All of which add to the look IMHO.

This bike is decently fast, and will cruise once you get him up to speed. I’m riding a 48:16 gear ratio here. Luigi is another steel frame, but heavier than Bambi. And not as stiff as either of the others. So Luigi doesn’t climb or accelerate like the other two.

There isn’t anything aesthetically I would change on him (maybe darker brown tires). From a functionality standpoint, I may need to change out the bottom bracket at some point to smooth out the pedaling. But that’s it.

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