Thoughts on Afghanistan

Overall I’m feeling shame.

I’m ashamed of America and ashamed to *be* American right now. I mean, it was bad enough when Trump pulled our troops and abandoned our Kurdish allies. But now we’ve just abandoned Afghans to aided us- and basically signed their death warrant.

How gutless. How shameful. How despicable, really.

There were Afghans clinging desperately to the outsides of cargo planes who then fell to their deaths. That’s how desperate they were to escape.

And we let them fall.

It really is no wonder that the rest of the world hates us. We’re “users” without honor. We just use other countries for money or resources and then basically flip them the bird when we leave.

All the meddling we’ve done around the globe. Central America and Iran (Iran contra affair). Cuba. Chile. Colombia and Venezuela. Iraq. Vietnam. Korea. Israel. Jordan. And more! All for what? Nine of it has seemingly worked in our favor.

And now Afghanistan. 20 years. Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. For… what?


Oh, well not nothing. The companies that supply the war machine made out like bandits. The stock market skyrocketed and the rich got richer.

Now to get real for a moment. Should we have pulled out of Afghanistan? Oh yeah- probably 15 years ago. Or at least when we got Osama. Should there have been a better overall objective planning? Abso-fucking-lutely. should we have even been there in the first place? I’m gonna say no.

We could have used special forces and worked with Pakistan or someone in order to get Osama. And use leverage in these countries in order to quell AlQaeda. But no. We chose war.

Because money.

And we stayed because more money.

Look- our brand of “democracy” was never going to fly over there. It doesn’t fly in any country that has factions dominated by religious extremism. Hell, we’re having trouble keeping democracy going in America (Trump/Religious Right/Militants). So this was a list cause from the start.

This was a no-win scenario. And we just lost. But so did many Afghanis.

What I am so very disgusted about with Biden and the current administration is the fact that they decided to pull troops without first taking care of out allies. it’s like they just threw up their hands and said “this is the time table and that’s it”.

We spent at least a trillion dollars and were there for 20 goddamn years. And we couldn’t figure out how to sign pieces of paper and arrange safe travel to rescue the afghanis who helped us?

The informants. The translators. The help on the ground over there. We just closed up shop and left them. And they are going to be murderer for helping America. Probably their families too.

These helpers were called “the eyes” by our “enemies”. The radio chatter from Al Qaeda was always to “shoot the eyes first”. Yup. Kill the translators first to hamper out efforts.

We just condemned these poor people, all because we didn’t provide resources to get them out first. We can provide troops and guns and planes and bombs— just not people to process visas.

I’m not even mentioning how women are going to be treated after enjoying more freedoms this past decade. The Taliban are going to crack down on that.

I’m just so damn angry. And ashamed. And sick to my stomach.

These people deserved so much better.

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1 Response to Thoughts on Afghanistan

  1. truthspew says:

    And to compound we should have learned from the Russian misadventure in Afghanistan. But we didn’t. And in my view we invaded the wrong country – we should have invaded Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

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