Weekend update

I went down and visited mom again this past weekend. She’s doing… better? She isn’t great and still can’t get comfortable in her furniture, but she was perkier and more mobile.

Ever since the last visit (where she ended up going to the hospital for a brief visit shortly after I left) I’ve been very concerned about her. However, since that Time she’s visited her parkinsons doc and her primary doc. They have her doubling the Parkinson’s meds, and they’ve started her on a mood elevator.

These changes in meds may be helping, at least somewhat. She seems brighter and is getting up and down a bit more easily. I was able to even get her out of the house for a time and we went furniture shopping.

Furniture shopping was a bust however.

Because she’s shrunk over time, she really needs shorter furniture. Furniture that sits lower and has a shorter “ass to knee” distance. But herein lies the rub. She can’t stand up when the chair is too low. So she really needs a lift chair.

She has a lift chair already but it isn’t very comfortable for her. And we just got it maybe a year ago. But nothing we looked at was a great alternative. And the one chair that could be made with a power base? 25 week lead time. 25. Weeks.

So, I’m trying to engineer something for her chair. Like a memory foam support for her back to make the chair sit better. And then sides to support her arms more. We’ll see if I can cobble something.

Other than that— the visit was ok. I feel a bit better about her current state. Oh- and we’ve increased her personal assistant/care giver to 5 days a week. Which I also feel better about.

Oh! And we completed her claim form for her long term care insurance policy. The one lucky thing in all this? Mom worked for the VA for 30+ years and has crazy good insurance.

Oh oh! And I was able to fix her shower door— a bolt and come loose and one of the top wheel s for the track and popped off. So now she has functional, sliding shower doors again.

Not bad for one weekend.

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