DirectTV— a saga

I am a DirectTV subscriber. It’s basically the service that we get rolled into our condo association fees. It’s the cable tv (and I think WiFi). I have the DVR box setup, although I almost never record shit.

Anyway, for the past few months I’ve been having issues. Nothing major- just small, nibbling little things. Like my remote control being finicky and difficult to use. Or slow response when trying to see the guide or when changing channels. Cut to last Thursday and the fucker just quits altogether. Blue screen of death.

So I call DirectTV on Friday… and proceed to wait in hold for about 25 minutes. When I finally do get a service rep, I’m basically told they can’t do anything and I need to contact the folks who rep the account for our building. But I’m assured that in the meantime I can continue to enjoy great programming using the DirectTV app! Or by accessing my account online!

Bullshit. It took me about 2 hours to reset passwords and login- only to find restricted content access and janky workability. What a goatfuck.

It at least I have a little bit of the TV that I’m paying for

I then start calling the other service rep folks. After much key clacking they tell me that I’m going to need the service rep to come out and can I be available between 8 and 5?

No. No I cannot because I work. At work. So I ask them to just send me a replacement box. And they won’t.

So then I have to try to line up with my condo building manager to have him let the tech into my place when I’m. Or there (which I am not a fan of). I get all of this lined up with several more phone calls and emails and the tech is set up for today. Thursday.

The tech came last night instead.

What. The everloving. Fuck.

At least he called and at least he worked with me so it was after 6. But the tech calls me in a dither because he can’t come Thursday because he’s out of town and can he come Wednesday evening instead?

The only thing that worked in my favor was that he didn’t have any more DVR boxes and he had to drive back to whereverthefuck to get one, which bought me time to get home to let him in personally.

Aaaaaand after much ado, he got my new box installed and running. Remotes programmed. Everything is just hunky dory.

Oh- but he left me the old box. Which evidently I am responsible for. I have to take it to a FedEx hub and ship it off. Because he can’t chuck the goddamn broken equipment in his tech van?? So now I, the consumer, Get the joy of wasting time and money driving around to deal with this.


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4 Responses to DirectTV— a saga

  1. Blobby says:

    I’m telling you – YouTube TV has been pretty fucking good. Just use it through your internet.

  2. truthspew says:

    Oh I had a two hour adventure on the phone with Walgreens ECommerce. Well the first was on hold for close to an hour. Then I get the number for the Ecommerce people and learned I had to change the password for my walgreens app on my phone and learned the magic incantation to get drugs shipped to the house. Now I gotta get ahold of my local post office and get them to deliver my mail to my door.

  3. Josh Wilson says:

    Just a heads up – they only care about the card – in the device – there actual device they don’t give an F### about – at least that was my experience in the past – not going to defend their poor service but an attempt to try to help you out if possible

  4. HMFan says:

    Gotta love that personalized customer service…

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