Instruments of Merrimaking

I sort of have a problem when it comes to impulse buys. Specifically impulse buys in my hobby areas. Art collection. Rocks and minerals. Bicycles. And musical instruments. Yesterday I purchased another instrument.

I got a Yamaha 4-Valve euphonium.

Now, I’m really hoping my serendipitous streak continues with this purchase. I seem to kind of “luck Into” finding things and then they work out well in he end. (Cases in point: several bicycles, 2 trombones, and a euphonium).

In this instance, it was Amazon prime day and I was feeling all chuffed because I had avoided Amazon all day. Which then led me to do an eBay search for bikes— just because it would be a fuck your to Bezos. As I was on eBay, though, a thought popped into my head. “I should look to see if they have any 4 valve Yamaha euphs for sale. Maybe I can find a deal.”

The first listing? A 4 valve Yamaha euph that was a good deal. Now, this being eBay, it may have been too good a deal. The thing may not be playable (valves stuck, tuning slides frozen, rattles, etc). However, the listing said it was in very good playing condition- albeit little else. I always get nervous when they don’t list a Serial number or have definitive information about functionality.

There weren’t a ton of dents or cosmetic issues showing in the pictures. Some laquer wear and overall patina (which I actually like). But the seller doesn’t appear to be a music store, although they did have a picture showing about 15 instruments in cases (like a band is getting rid of horns?).

Anyway, it was in the “what the heck” price range for me, so I took a flier on it. In other words, it was more than I can spend without serious internal debate, but not so much as I would beat myself up mercilessly if the horn turns out to be a dud.

But I’m optimistic that with some cleaning and my basic maintenance I can turn it into a great horn to play.

I’m doubly-optimistic as all this happened just one day before I received an email indicating that concert band was returning g in the fall. So, maybe this was a sign?

Keep your finger’s crossed for me.

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2 Responses to Instruments of Merrimaking

  1. truthspew says:

    I bought a new stand mixer. I want to start getting into making guegers again. Those, cream puffs, profiteroles etc. And doing it by hand sucks. Need a decent stand mixer for that. Didn’t buy a KA though – it was only $129.

  2. Old Lurker says:

    I am moderately jealous, although I have not played for two decades.

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