A Return to Normalcy?

I don’t team my mean “normalcy” as it refers co coming through a pandemic. Or not quite through as the globe is still struggling mightily. It’s more about my little corner of life.

I was back home this weekend again. Mom was released from skilled care (again) and is now back in her home. I went down right after work on Friday so I could be with her to make sure everything was going smoothly and so I could monitor her transition.

Right now she seems to be doing ok. She’s slow, and her ankle is really bothering her (the fused one), but she is able to get around and do things. She’s also thankful to be in her own space again- in the quiet. With her own food. And tv. And no snarky nurses to contend with.

She has an aide coming all this week in the mornings and she also has PT coming. And neighbors/friends to check on her. So I’m hoping she’s well on her way (which will decrease my stress level immeasurably).

Also decreasing my stress— I had my Lead Auditor class all last week and I took the final exam on Friday. I think the exam went well; there was only one question where I was semi-iffy on my answer. But it was essay so hopefully my explanation was adequate.

One panic moment though. During the exam, I had finished it all and decided to go back through to review my answers for thoroughness. While doing so, the computer glitched and booted me out of the online exam. I. FREAKED! This was a digitally proctored exam, and I lost my video/audio, etc. luckily I was able to re-log in ans all my answers were still there. But there was a good five minutes of blind panic as I emailed their tech support and such.

But it’s done. Getting this certification was part of the stipulations of my being hiring into this new job. So it’s been looking over me all this time. Now I just have to wait to hear whether I passed or not.

Regardless, a couple stress hurdles have been cleared and my week is fairly clear— no “to do” requirements any evening this week. And chorus is done for the summer so I am obligation free for the foreseeable future.

I’m already feeling my shoulders unclenching a bit.

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1 Response to A Return to Normalcy?

  1. Old Lurker says:

    I know this comment is pretty late, but congrats on the good news on both fronts.

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