4 Weeks

So, I basically just finished 4 weeks at my new job. I’m still trying to give the place a chance, and I do think I’m starting to get a grasp on things. But— the place has its quirks.

The time card thing. I still have no explanation as to why salaried people have to keep a record of their daily hours. It’s just sort of baffling— and feels like being a kid with parents who don’t trust you.

The place is small. I already know all the people who are employed. Which is a good thing— but it also feels like you have zero anonymity. I’m already hearing things about people… more than I want to know. Like how the receptionist didn’t just pass away, she committed suicide.

I don’t think the outgoing quality manager made many “friends “ there. And I get the distinct impression that they aren’t sad to see him go. There is just a bit of— friction— between him and several others.

Many of the engineers and managers seem to have small issues with the president of the company. And evidently they feel comfortable around me enough at this point to let their feelings be known. Again- this seems like drama, which I’m not sure I want.

Everyone is thin and fit. Or at least thin. Almost everyone packs healthy lunches and seems to be very health-conscious. There are like two heavier people and they stand out. And one walks at lunch (actually one of the nicer folks I’ve met). the good news is that this will shame me into bringing healthy lunches too.

Many of the engineers I work with seem to have Aspergers (or maybe they’re just socially awkward). They don’t say hello, don’t speak to me, don’t make eye contact. Not even a “pardon me” when we almost bump in the tight hallways. It’s weird.

One of the engineers I work with is named Bjorn. He looks exactly like a Bjorn. He is also one of those that never makes eye contact or speaks.

Um, I do have a work crush though. His name is Jake. He’s a younger engineer. Hip. Easygoing. Casual good looks. Big Dick energy for days. Total sploosh.

I’m uncovering systemic issues in the business. Fixable things, but shit I’m going to have to really shore up. Like document control. Training. Communication. Auditing. The complaint document system. And more. Honestly I don’t quite understand how they’ve managed to pass audits so far.

My training. This has really been a frustration point for me. But I’m seeing it’s not good for others either. In fact one of the other newer people mentioned feeling like he got inadequate training too. Case in point, I was told during the onboarding process to sign up for my HSA. I was handed a packet of info But they didn’t give me the correct log in information. It took me until today to sort it all out – after multiple calls to the HSA folk and interviewing other employees on how they signed up.

Speaking of HSA— I’m not wild about our high deductible health care plan. It may be ok, but It may be a bad thing— don’t know enough yet how it all works. Yet another thing that wasn’t really explained.

So, I guess we’ll see. I’m gonna give it the old college try. And at the very least it’s a better and more diverse environment than the previous job.

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3 Responses to 4 Weeks

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I went to engineering school. Engineers in my program, in my experience, were very likely to be on the autism spectrum, as were mathematicians. In my school, I’d guess that about two-thirds of us were. Goes with the territory. I hope that the new situation goes well for you. It sounds as if you could have a big positive impact. That gets noticed 🙂 Sometimes not at first.

  2. truthspew says:

    I worked in one place that HSA – I hated it. By end of fiscal year you’d have to spend out the entirety.

  3. Old Lurker says:

    Fingers crossed for you, both for work and with your Mom’s situation.

    I am growing to believe that companies are like families — all dysfunctional in their own particular ways.

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