You LIED to me!

I’m speaking to my scale. My fancy, stainless, body fat monitoring, floor scale.

So- I started the whole NOOM app psychology diet strategy thing last week. I needed to do something, because fat. Even though it’s not like I’m inactive. I work out. I don’t snack. I bike. But I just can’t seem to take weight off. Ever.

The two big changes in my life with NOOM are daily weigh ins, and tracking the calories of every meal. (Oh, and logging all my exercise). NOOM is really all about daily logging of progress.

The biggest takeaway for me is that I over eat. It’s not that I eat unhealthy food, it’s just I eat too much at a given sitting. It’s kind of astonishing when you’re given a calorie budget for the day and you see how many calories your food choices actually have.


So yeah, I’m hungry. A lot. Especially with working out, too. But I’m feeling better and the weight was coming off decently.

Or so I thought.

Until I had three daily weigh ins where the scale showed the exact same weight. Down to the tenth of a pound. Statistically this is a massive improbability. So I started looking at my scale. And then I started getting error messages.

Suffice it to say, it looks like my scale needs a new battery so I don’t know if any of my weigh ins have been accurate. Which makes me doubt my progress. Which is really depressing since I’m starving myself and working out.

The fucker was LYING to me! Leading me on!!

I know my goals will not be achieved overnight. Or in a week of effort. Or even a month. This is a big change I’m shooting for- along with establishing healthier eating habits.

I just hope when I get a new battery, the scale will show at least a little progress.

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