Another Mass Shooting

First the Atlanta spa shootings. And now a grocery store in Boulder. Both terrorists were younger white males (go figure). Another 18 people senselessly murdered.

As I was watching the news before work, they were talking about the Boulder event. And in a sobering (and somewhat startling) statistic, the Today show reported that there were 611 mass shooting events in 2020, up 46% from 2019.

Also, there have already been something like 130+ mass shootings already this year— 7 in the past 7 days.

We aren’t even 90 days into the year.

I started to question this, but then quickly realized that the election and the pandemic pushed all the shootings into the background. Also- only the really big shootings seemed to make the news. All the other mass shootings (where only 4 or more people were wounded or killed) just didn’t warrant our attention.

611. 611 mass shootings last year. And we heard about, what? One? Two of them? I seem to remember a Texas Walmart shooting. But that’s about it.

On Facebook I’m seeing a lot of “America must be opening up again because mass shootings are starting again.” The thing is, they never stopped. In fact, they’re increased.

And we still won’t pass goddamn gun legislation. the Atlanta shooter bought a fucking gun the same day.

Jesus. This needs to stop. Gun violence and gun legislation is my number one hot button. If you want me to fucking go off, just bring this up. Especially if you start saying “2nd Amendment”.

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2 Responses to Another Mass Shooting

  1. Terry says:

    Yeah. In Georgia there is a waiting period to vote after registering, but buy a gun and murder people all on the same day. Fucking insane. You are right, the 2nd amendment assholes can fuck right off.

  2. David says:

    After being robbed at gun point twice. I’m for the2nd

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