As folks probably know, I hate my job. More specifically I hate the lack of support I get, the toxic environment, the downward spiral, the stress, the excessive meetings, etc. So I’ve been looking for a new job- basically since last fall.

Of course Covid hasn’t made this easy.

Where I live, most job openings which fit my skill set are in the medical device manufacture area. Unfortunately, those jobs also tend to require medical device manufacture experience and direct experience with ISO 13485, which I don’t have. So, sadly, most opportunities are not available to me. But if the job description just says “suggested experience”… I’ve been applying.

Today I had a preliminary phone conversation with a small, start-up medical device manufacturing company. They are on the cusp of a big contract with a large player in the industry, and they are also on the cusp of getting certified to ISO 13485. So while there is much work ahead, there is also opportunity. And growth.

What I do know is that it’s a tier 1 medical device manufacturer (meaning low risk to patients) – so not a heart valve or hip implant or anything. It’s also insanely close to where I live, on a par or closer than my current job. It’s also kind of a startup, so I’d probably get to wear many hats and it would be easier to implement systems.

Downsides are that it’s small, so everybody gonna be up in everybody’s business (especially HR). Because of that I worry about the gay thing and diversity, harassment, etc. And the position would be a cut in pay. The benefits may be a wash, but probably worse than my current job.

Just so long as there is health care and a 401k program, and a decent work environment it may be worth considering.

Honestly? The fact that it’s a new job in a cleaner environment, deals with medical tech so I get my foot in the door there, and is biking distance from my condo makes me really excited.

I have a video call interview tomorrow morning at 9. Finger’s crossed.

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