The quest for tech

As I type this post, I’m hoping this will be the last one I do from my current phone. I have a new phone on order and should Be able to pick it up tomorrow at lunch. However, this quest was not easy.

I’m an Apple user (my life has been integrated into Apple tech). And while I don’t consider myself a fan boy (I have definite issues with Apple) I do just like their product quality and how seamless and simply everything comes together. Lately I’ve been really wanting a new phone.

Not that there is anything wrong with my current iPhone 11. It works just fine. It’s just… small.

I opted for the lower, smaller model when I got the 11. At the time I figured I wouldn’t really notice the size abs that all would be ok. But typing on it is challenging. (See previous typo abs = and). For some reason my thumbs miss the keys on this phone with alarming frequency which has made the phone not even autocorrect me correctly anymore.

Drives me crazy.

Everything I type has stupid errors in it. FB posts. Passwords. You name it. I spend so much time correcting it all.

I know this isn’t a great reason to get a new phone, but fuck it. I want one dammit. A bigger one. And having a better camera will also be nice. Also, literally 90% of all my computing is done on my phone so I’m ok investing in better tech in this area.

Anyway— this brings me to the quest for new tech. In the past, when I wanted to upgrade, I’d just make a trip to one of my local Apple retail stores, trade in my old one, get a new one— maybe a case— abs be done. AND (Jesus thumbs).

Yesterday I was in the vicinity of uptown so I decided to stop by that store to get a new phone. Only I get there and the store is totally boarded up. I’d forgotten the protests this summer did a number on the store. I guess it never reopened.

So I drove to the mall and went to another Apple store. I get there and it’s totally dark. There’s a posted sign that Apple has closed its retail stores until further notice. You know… global Pandemic and all.

Shit. It didn’t even occur to me that they’d be closed. I mean, I haven’t been to a mall in like a year. I haven’t been anywhere other than grocery stores. Guess I should have known.

So this brought up the “how do I’s”. How do I trade in my phone for credit? How do I get the new one and have it set to my phone carrier? What about cAses? Everything.

As it turns out, Apple makes it pretty easy. I ordered the new phone (and case) online. I can pick up tomorrow at a mall near work. And they are going to send me a pre-paid box to send my old phone on for trade in rebate.

Not bad, Apple.

So tomorrow by this time I should have a lovely new phone. In pacific blue.

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2 Responses to The quest for tech

  1. wcs says:

    I’d rather have abs than ands any day. 😉

  2. Blobby says:

    if i were to get the 12 – and hell, at this point I’m waiting for the 13 – I’d to the pacific blue too.

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