Playing the Market

I am totally one of those people that says “the stock market is not the same as the economy” when we look at the health of our country. Lots of folks are unemployed or barely scraping by. Service industries are suffering. Something like only 40% of Americans even have 401ks and stock investments. And only the truly wealthy have benefitted from the market rise and playing in those waters.

But I also acknowledge that I have benefitted some from having a 401k and some other investments. So I’m watching the current market activity with interest.

When I look at the stock market, my beliefs are rather naive. I think you buy stock in companies that historically are doing well, or invest in new abs promising businesses. If they do well, you share in the profits. If they don’t do well, you lose money. End of story.

But there’s this whole dark side of the market that involves buying up failing stocks and selling short and reaping profits from downward spiraling businesses. I don’t like this “playing the market” area. I think it’s shady as fuck. Much like the whole sub prime mortgage crap that tanked the market in 2009.

Now we’re seeing hedge funds investing in Gamestop (the hedge folks that do this short selling crap) getting absolutely pwned by a bunch of Reddit people who decided to buy up GameStop stock and then not sell it, this forcing an upward stock explosion.

The long and short of which is that a couple of these hedge funds have lost billions of dollars.


I have a real issue with this kind of playing fast and loose with company stocks. Investors are shuffling shit around to essentially play a numbers game. It’s not about investing in companies that make goods or make life better. It’s a fucking game to shuffle money around to make someone’s portfolio look good. And I totally disagree with this philosophy and practice.

Now, I’m kind of scared to look at my investments to see how I may be getting hit by all this. And I kind of think this is the til of the iceberg. But I also find myself thinking “about time this dark side gets a light shined on it”. And my secret underdog liberal heart is cheering seeing a bunch of davids banding together to take down some Goliaths.

I’m curious to see how the next few weeks play out.

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