Last week was our yearly ISO audit at work. But for automotive systems. It’s kinda critical that we pass as most of our product ends up in a vehicle.

It didn’t go especially well.

Our upper management doesn’t care about ISO standard or quality systems. They really can’t even be bothered to read the requirements in order to understand what they need to do. Nah- why bother when you can just have li’l old me take care of it all?

This has been the M.O. for awhile. The powers that be wash their hands of it and farm it to me to deal with. And then they get all upset when the auditor finds issues. And she found quite a few. 13 to be exact- including one Major one. (Originally we had 3 majors, but 2 were downgraded).

So my whole week last week was spent tap dancing for the auditor and trying to keep us from being just blasted. All while watching department managers completely flounder and not know the most basic things like “what is your department goal?”

Yeah. It was that bad.

Oh, and to top it off, due to Covid, the audit was 100% virtual. Which meant everything was over TEAMS meetings to audit the floor required me to use my phone as a camera. I also had to repeat the questions from the auditor to the operator and translate answers back.

It was fucking exhausting.

And we have a new portal report format which appears to be convoluted to say the least. They also warn to keep special backup files in case of data corruption. Great.

After seeing (again) the lack of commitment from management, I have given myself a time table to find a new job. Or I’m just going to quit. Because I hate the people and environment here that fucking much.

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1 Response to Absent

  1. truthspew says:

    Ah yes management buy in is clutch for standards. Its best to tell them that without major re-training and process improvement they’ll never get ISO standards to agree with auditors.

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